Ashley Lightspeed’s Successful Career

Ashley Lightspeed is a very successful woman who has accomplished a lot in business prototyping. From when she was a little girl, Ashley was interested in prototyping. As a teenager she wanted to become an architect and prototype buildings; however, as she grew up, she developed an interest in business and decided to pursue business prototyping as a career.

Ashley has worked with various companies and has contributed a lot to the development of these firms. Ashley has used prototyping in these firms to create new products and to come up with new business projects, Ashley Lightspeed kickstarted her career with a job at Bain and Company. She worked there for several years and helped in the expansion of the firm. Ashley later left and joined Thumbtack, an event planning firm. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Ashley got hired as the Category Manager; her role was to organize and plan events. Ashley helped Thumbtack to develop and become a huge firm. She contributed to making the company one of the best event planner institutions. Ashley is currently working at Lightspeed ventures. She first encountered Lightspeed during a fundraising event organized by Thumbtack.

Ashley Lightspeed left Thumbtack to further her studies at Stanford Business School. While studying, Ashely explored starting a company and working with young entrepreneurs to help them become successful in business. Ashley graduated, and she is currently a member of LightSpeed ventures. Ashley major role at lightspeed is to support upcoming entrepreneurs, and startup companies discover their development strategy. Lightspeed Ventures is among the few diversified ventures capital firms.

Ashley has helped diversify Lightspeed Ventures and has also advocated for the employment of more female employees. As a member of Lightspeed Ventures, she gets to use her creative mind and love for prototyping to benefit the company. Ashley has also used craftsmanship for growth and development. It helps firms understand customers and provide appropriate goods.

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The Rise of Serge Belamant – Patent Holder in Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France in 1953 but relocated together with his family to South Africa at the age of 14. This relocation came due to his father’s intentions to pursue his ventures as a tiling worker. While there, he enrolled at North High School and perfected his English speaking skills. He also excelled in chess and rugby during his high school days. Visit

The French-born patent holder in blockchain technology latter attended Witwatersrand University in 1972. While at this Johannesburg-based University, he took on engineering before changing his course to computer science technology and applied mathematics. After two years, he discontinued studies and rather, opted for information systems course through UNISA.

Over the years, Serge Belamant has been able to work with a wide number of companies in a huge industrial spectrum. He is known as a shrewd coder of software related to digital financial transactions which have built his reputation across the industry. His career path has been marked by successful technological breakthroughs that have had a huge effect on the financial banking systems and the entire banking sector globally.

His skills led to the founding of his first company in 1989 known as Net1 UEPS Technologies that specialized in designing universal electronic payment systems (UEPS). Through his own skills, knowledge, and aptitude, he single-handedly designed these systems and was lucky to be approached by VISA, who needed his help in designing a card with an offline pre-authorization chip. Today, these cards have become mainstream, popularly known as chip-enabled debit and credit cards.

As we entered the millennium, Serge Belamant was at work developing a digital payment system that could facilitate the proper welfare funds transfer as well as grants across South Africa, places with dire needs. This system designed by Belamant and Net1 was a big success, being used in far-flung countries such as Russia and Iraq. His recent venture includes the UK-based, Zilch Technologies.

Serge Belamant additionally serves as a member on the board of advisors for both Prism Group Holdings (PGH) and Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions (MIHS). When asked what the future holds for his business, Belamant believes DNA analysis holds a special place in the future of his business. Even though he lacks chemistry and biology background, he believes that he can one day apply the algorithmic approach to DNA which will result in a deeper understanding of its functionality and potential. Read more on


Fortress Investment Group Experiences Great Changes

With twenty years of remarkable leadership in the world of investing, Fortress Investment Group was very successful in 2018. Now, it has become part of one of the most prominent financial conglomerates in the world: SoftBank Group Corporation. With this consolidation, Fortress promises to be part of cutting-edge developments in the areas of private equity funds and real estate.

Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has been a bold hedge fund that has grown into a global investor and financier. In 2007, after successful growth in its first decade, Fortress became the first hedge fund to go public, making an initial offering on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2017, a Japanese multinational holding conglomerate named Softbank purchased Fortress and integrated it into the global strategies of its company. For instance, Softbank’s Vision Fund provides financial backing for many technologies that are in their initial stages. These technologies include robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and renewable energy. Softbank’s strategies also include large-scale projects, such as constructing the infrastructure for high-tech innovation or a massive solar power project in Saudi Arabia.

The purchase of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank allows for Fortress to retain the day-to-day control of its operations. Nevertheless, there is a need for adaptation on both sides as Fortress builds its portfolio of infrastructure investments with such affiliates as New Senior Investment Group and the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors. With its acquisition of Fortress, SoftBank now “leapfrogs into the asset management and private equity business,” states Jesper Koll, CEO of WisdomTree Japan K.K.

Expanded opportunities for both Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank exist in this new merger as they invest in real estate. One high profile project announced in 2018 is the $2.5 billion TSX Broadway development in Times Square of New York. This project will have a luxury hotel, 75,000 square feet of retail, a performance stage and an LED screen covering 18,000 square feet. Other areas of real estate considered are in southern Florida’s Palm Beach and Pompano Beach.

The merger of Fortress and SoftBank expands into areas such as funding legal remedies for violations of intellectual property. Also, there is financial support for iPass, the world’s largest WI-FI network. As more and more regulations are placed upon banks, Fortress is reported to be raising $2 billion for its direct-lending fund.

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Betsy DeVos Brings Joy Through Philanthropic Outreach

Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos are almost dynastic in their impact on Michigan’s political scene. As two high-level GOP donors and prominent conservative advocates, the DeVos family has been put in the spotlight for their work. Betsy DeVos has amplified their spotlight after she was selected to serve as the Secretary of Education for President Donald Trump. Betsy DeVos may have garnered some scrutiny for her work as a donor and her goal of true education reformation, but a deep dive into her past proves that Betsy and Dick DeVos have been truly living their faith through their work in the world of philanthropy.


If you were to look at Betsy DeVos’s charitable outreach from 2015 alone you’d see that she gave out over $11.6 million dollars to philanthropic foundations. The DeVos family makes sure to post their philanthropic reports through their website and consistent perusal of the reports will show that they are giving truth to the power of their words. In fact, were you to comb through all of those reports, you’d find that the DeVos family has donated more than $1.3 billion dollars throughout their lives to philanthropic endeavors. This kind of charitable outreach is exceedingly rare in the world for obvious reasons but it really just amplifies what makes the DeVos family different.


Upon being selected as the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos was immediately put on a pedestal by her conservative colleagues. Coming into Washington D.C. with the reputation that she did mean that people were going to be expecting great things from her. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has proven time and again that she is more than ready to meet their needs. DeVos has dedicated her entire life to bringing about education reform at the state level and now she has a federal mandate to make it happen throughout the nation. Still, DeVos understands that we are living in dynamic and polarizing political times and that could spell trouble making her agenda a reality.


Despite how rocky the Trump Administration has been, due in large part to a divided Washington D.C., DeVos continues to march gamely forward toward making education reform a reality. DeVos proudly points to all of the hardworking teachers and administrators throughout the country who have been trying their best to keep education moving forward. DeVos wants to bring them assistance by making school choice a realistic option for educational facilities of every type.


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Insights into NexBank Capital’s $54 million debt offering

NexBank Capital recently completed the private placement of a $54 million fixed floating rate subordinated notes to high net worth investors and institutions. The income generated from this offering will be utilized for the firm’s corporate needs. In the last couple of years, the company participated in significant transactions. From 2016, NexBank Capital has developed more than $200 million in equity and debt.

NexBank Capital’s plans its latest offering

These notes will remain non-redeemable for the next half a decade and are expected to have matured by the year 2027. NexBank Capital has structured the records to have a fixed interest rate of 6.375%. After five years, they will be put on a floating rate for three months according to the LIBOR of 458.5 points.

Additionally, they have been designated a BBB investment rating by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. This offering was facilitated by Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P, an investment banking firm that pioneers in brokerage in the finance sector. According to NexBank Capital’s officials, the notes offered are not registered and will not be sold in the US according to the registration requirements.

About NexBank Capital

NexBank Capital is a private financial institution that pioneers in mortgage and commercial banking. The company is headquartered in Dallas, and apart of mortgage and commercial banking, it also offers institutional services.

These include corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, customized programs, corporate finance, and syndicated loan servicing. Started in 1922, this company has grown to one of the most reputable companies in the United States. NexBank Capital has various across the United States including NexBank Securities Inc, NexBank Capital Advisors, and NexBank SSB.

NexBank is led by professional James Dondero who is the firm’s chairman. He is assisted by John Holt, the chief executive officer, Matt Siekielski, the chief operating officer and Rhett Miller, the chief credit officer among others. James Dondero, the current president of Highland Capital Management, is one of the founders of NexBank Capital.

This professional uses his three decades of professional experience to oversee the operations of the firm. Often, he is consulted on matters involving large transactions to provide insight into how to they should be handled.

James Dondero has for years built NexBank Capital using the knowledge he acquired while at the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce. With each passing day, this financial organization continues to top the charts of greatness in the finance world with the unmatched services it renders.




How Guilherme Paulus Managed the Famous Resorts and Hotels in Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is a hotelier and investor who serves various Brazilian tour companies well. In spite of establishing many resorts and hotels in the country, he chairs multiple advisory boards that work with his tour company. Even though he commenced his career as an intern, he worked very hard to become an influential man in the business.

The motivation behind Paulus excellence

Initially, the tourism idea originated from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who was a state deputy during that time. While on a boat trip, the executive discussed with Guilherme Paulus how he wanted to establish a tourist agency in the country. Since Paulus was young, he would provide the initial efforts and perform the groundwork for the company.

Even though he initially worked at Casa Faro, Guilherme Paulus was prepared for the new project since he developed ideas and motivation for it in advance. Since he had some entrepreneurial knowledge, the company appreciated his service during the opening of its first office. It was an ideal venue because it had a lot of people and traffic.

Guilherme Paulus opened the office outside a movie theater since he knew most people would pass by after their engagements at the movies. In spite of partnering with Carlos for four years, he decided to form his company. From there, his investment sprung up into a massive company. Check out to read full interview of Guilherme Paulus.

How he starts his day

Before Guilherme Paulus begins his day, he is usually thankful for everything. The aspect prepares him for other great things ahead of the day. Besides, he respects his weekly schedule because it empowers him, increases his productivity, and organizes him for another week.

The investor depends on acting to generate new ideas in his life. For instance, he believes that an individual need to determine something before determining whether it is good or bad. Hence, his faith determines how he would conduct activities at his company.


Since Technology is rampant in modern society, individuals need to understand how to use it appropriately. It is easy to determine the needs of the customers quickly because it facilitates information to travel faster.

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Agera Energy: A Leading Electricity and Natural Gas Provider in Massachusetts

Agera Energy is a popular electricity provider that looks to impact the energy sector of the United States. The company promotes green efforts and recently, it took part in the transitioning the Cambridge Community Electricity Program to Direct Energy. The new 100% Green Plus option replaced the 100% Green option. The Cambridge Community Electricity program supports the local renewable energy projects development. It also provides an alternative to Eversource’s Basic Service as well as to other electricity offers in the marketplace.

Agera Energy has been supplying Massachusetts residents with electricity as well as natural gas in Eversource (eastern mass), eversource (western mass), Unitil, National Grid and National Grid for natural gas. It is licensed to sell electricity as well as natural gas in Massachusetts State. The company endeavors to guide and educate people on energy issues. It noted that players in the market overpriced consumers and it get into the market to give energy consumers a better alternative.

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy guides customers through energy decision-making. It currently has over 1.8 million customers who enjoys its services. The number is growing bigger with time as more people continue to have faith and trust Agera to give them the best energy services. Customers don’t struggle with complex energy decisions. Rather, they are being offered simple financial decisions which are easier to make. The company supplies homes and businesses with natural gas to electricity to clean, cook, heat, work as well as play the day away. It serves smallest apartments, largest industrial users and everyone in between with customized products.

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Stansberry Research, The American Based Publishing Company

Stansberry Research is a private publishing company found in America. The renowned company has its headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland. Also, the company has other subsidiary quarters in California, Oregon, and Florida.

The research company was initially referred to as Stansberry and Associates Investment Research. It was launched as an independent Investment firm in the year 1999. It was established by Porter Stansberry.

Stansberry does a variety of articles, most of them significant in the European finance and other controversial issues. His essential item is “The End of America” that he did in the year 2011.

Stansberry Research company was the first ever of its kind to be established. The company also has Steve as its cofounders and True Wealth editor. Real Wealth is a subsidiary publication of Stansberry Research founded in the year 2001.

Steve is also one of the authors of “Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom.” The book mainly covers an array of strategies in investment plans. The company’s success is also attributed to David Eifrig, the Retirement Millionaire chief editor. He is the company’s avid and regular contributor.

Matt Badiali is another recognized editor in the firm. He moved into Stansberry Research in the year 2005. He attained his bachelor’s in Earth Sciences from the University of Penn State. He furthered his education in Florida Atlantic University where he received his Masters in Geology Science.

Stansberry Research also boasts of one of its mainstream publications referred to as Extreme Value. The newsletter is headed by Dan Farris; it specializes in business stocks, business discounts, and entire businesses.

The affiliate publication was founded in 2002. ” Dominating Divided Growers,” is one of the significant books that have been published by Extreme Value. Stansberry Research focuses in research investment. It deals with information products that inherently involve bi-monthly and monthly advisory articles done by a number of their financial editors.

They mainly cover mining investments, biotechnology, medical services and natural power resources.The company also incorporates alternative investments and corporate bonds. Stansberry’s success is attributed to its dedicated employees and its newsletter which can be accessed in over 110 countries.


The Kisling, Nestico and Redick Large and Fast-Growing Law Firm

Kisling, Nestico and Redick (KNR) is a full-service law firm based in Ohio with its headquarters in Great Lakes, Midwestern US. It was founded in the year 2005 by three attorneys namely Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico and Robert Redick and currently containing about 101-250 employees. This firm provides sophisticated injury law representation to clients in Ohio. KNR has grown from three lawyers to more than 30 and currently contains 11 locations throughout Ohio.

KNR is built from Rob Nestico’s personal experience when he was only 15 years old. Mr. Vestico boarded a vehicle which was later on hit by a careless driver when he failed to stop at a stop sign, this led to the driver’s demise. Rob sustained several injuries which led him to spending at least 3 months in the hospital. Through this, Vestico learnt that the insurance companies took advantage of the vulnerable and he therefore devoted himself to fighting such corporations. KNR uses aggressive trial strategies and has the uncanny ability to predict the moves of various insurance companies.

KNR firm is devoted to seeking justice for victims who are injured in accidents. They assist victims to get the appropriate compensation after suffering accidents due to other people’s carelessness. This firm operates under a secret weapon that most of their attorneys and their workers have prior experience with various insurance companies before employment to the law firm. KNR’S impressive results have led to Nestico and other lawyers be named as the top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association and as top 100 lawyers in Ohio.

This excelling firm has also incorporated the art of giving back like weekly giveaways on social media and annual events not forgetting a school supply giveaway and Thanks giving Turkey giveaway. KNR has raised a good amount of cash for charitable organizations and for food banks this has helped the Ohio community in fighting hunger. This law firm’s efforts have not gone unnoticed for seeking out justice for the vulnerable people and adjusting the already existing rules.

Nick Vertucci, the CEO NVREA

Nick Vertucci has invested in many career lines to earn income. He is a writer, investor, and international poker player; he has set a legacy in all these fields as he can balance all the three and make it seem very easy. To achieve and make his dreams a reality Nick Vertucci combines essential skills and virtues earned from all his careers to make him successful. He does not give up even when his dreams seem to be trembling. While building an empire, Mr. Vertucci faced ups and downs, but finally, he was able to make his dream a reality. He invested in Real estate business where he has worked for long. Over the years Vertucci`s secret to success entails him having a mentor, being honest and open in the real estate business. He also has money intelligence thus invests only in industries that are successful.

Nick Vertucci road to success was not always straightforward, he even built a mansion that failed, but he learned from his mistakes. He decided to guide others on the right path to success to ensure that they would not make the same mistakes as he did in the investment sector. Nick Vertucci launched NVREA institution with a team of experts to train students and equip them with the necessary skills to operate with in the real estate investment industry. Students apply through online platform of NVREA to any branch in the United States.

If any students have a query on the school, they can contact NVREA offices through their email which is acted upon fast to provide the necessary information. Nick Vertucci teaches using his blueprints to ensure that all interested parties gain essential knowledge. Upon graduation, students can buy and sell real estates by making good connections with professionals. They are able to use peoples wealth to generate income.