Brightline: A New Train Idea By Wes Edens

Most of our collective thoughts about locomotives are from an era that has long since gone by. We don’t necessarily think of them as being part of the solution to the transportation needs that we have today. However, that is why Wes Edens is such a revolutionary person. He realized that there were places where a train system could make economic sense.

The test case for Wes Edens and his investment company called Fortress Investment Group is in South Florida. The train system is called Brightline and it is wholly owed by the Fortress Investment Group. It currently runs from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in an impressive thirty minutes. That cuts down a trip that supposed takes forty-five minutes by car. In reality, those who make the commute regularly know that this journey is typically longer than just forty-five minutes. Thus, the time savings alone on the Brightline idea are quite impressive.

This is just the very early stages of Brightline as far as Wes Edens is concerned. He sees it going on well beyond just the state of Florida. He would like to expand to other states and really any other place that is in need of new methods of transportation that they are not already using in some way.

It is a genius move say many that Wes Edens has taken something that typically annoys commuters and works in a solution for them. He does so by also making sure to keep his prices competitive. An Uber ride between Miami and Fort Lauderdale would set you back up to forty dollars. However, a ride on Brightline train is a very reason ten dollars. The choice is yours, but a lot of people are starting to see the enormous benefit that comes with using the train.

Wes Edens is going to always be on the lookout for new ideas that Fortress Investment Group can put its money to work in. Don’t be surprised if you see him involved in other industries that you are highly familiar with in the near future. He is just the kind of person to makes moves like that.

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OSI Industries Continues To Expand Its Presence Across The World

The Forbes list ranks OSI Group as one of the largest companies in the world. The company started as a small boutique firm in Chicago. At that moment, Otto Kolschowsky had just moved to the town with a group of German immigrants. The city was described as a business hub. Most business professionals took advantage of the demand that needed to be met by supply thereby starting their businesses. Otto decided to introduce his sons to the industry. The company became Otto & Sons.

Over the years, it adopted technology and managed to supply its products to more than 2,000 clients in the same area. At the same time, Kolschowksy decided to expand the business by moving it to Maywood, one of Chicago’s prolific suburbs. Since 1909, the company has maintained a high profile of product manufacturing and supply.


Numerous Acquisitions

Otto & Sons rebranded to OSI Group, and Sheldon Lavin bought most of the firm’s shares. Today, he is the head of the company and has helped it develop into an international food provider. Perhaps OSI’s recent businesses have also contributed to its prominence. The following acquisitions have been made so far.

Chicago Expansion

In 2017, OSI Industries purchased Tyson Foods, a manufacturing plant situated in Chicago. The 200,000 square feet plant provides room for the company to increase its production capacity for North Americans. Given that OSI Industries has a facility within the same area, the move has majorly contributed to the expansion of production capabilities. The new facility will also meet the area’s growing demand thereby satisfying the people’s needs. According to the firm’s spokesperson, the facility will support this growing demand.

Flagship Europe Acquisition

In 2016, OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe. The facility distributes pies, frozen poultry, and dressings. Soon after the acquisition, the company was rebranded to Creative Foods Europe in order to describe its capabilities to produce high-quality food. Before the purchase, the facility expanded its presence to by acquiring Calder Foods. This facility supplies sandwich fillings as well as dips. OSI Group’s spokesperson said that the additional facility would help grow the production capacity of the firm.

Spain Expansion

One of OSI Industries facility is situated in Toledo. The company put its resources in a production facility to boost poultry output. The facility’s initial output was approximately 12,000 tons. The addition makes it possible for it to produce about 24,000 tons every year.


Eye Bags Are a Thing of the Past: Here’s How Stem Cell Technology Can Get Rid of Them

Age gets us all, and sometimes it isn’t very kind. With age, our skin starts to show lines and additional marks that weren’t there when we were younger. It is natural for bags to appear under your eyes and a sort of puffiness to take place.


With aging, the tissue around your eyes starts to weaken, and the muscles do not support your eyelids with the same strength as it used to unless you start taking special care of your skin.


Even though this puffiness comes with age, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.


The normal fat that accumulates under the eyes and causes this puffy behavior can go away. Genucel, a novelty in the beauty industry, has proven that it is possible for these skin problems to be directly targeted with the effectiveness of stem cell technology.

Genucel introduced the “Genucel Eyelid Treatment” to the world, which lifts and firms your eyelids by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Genucel uses plant stem cells to reduce the puffiness of your eyes. These stem cells come from a natural peptide called “Eyeseryl.” It is extracted and then introduced to the solution, where, when applied to the skin, will interact with the local cells and stimulate them.


The differences are very apparent. Users who have taken the Genucel treatment have shown improved local muscular strength under the eyelids and have revamped their eye contact. Their countenance starts to show more confidence, youth, and interest.


Clients who have taken Genucel Eyelid Treatment have also improved their expressions drastically. Smiling for them showed more natural and young marks while those who were pressed around the eyelids were drastically minimalized. Genucel has proven that eye bags are a thing of the past, as stem cells can help your skin revamp itself.


Genucel’s PhytoCellTec is another product that has taken the interest of many women around the world because of its capability of promoting a youthful skin around the face by using the same stem cell technology used against eye bags.


As far as 95% of clients who used the Eyeseryl product ended up showing significantly reduced appearance of eye bags, markings, and lines around the eyes. The tissue around the area is tightened and strengthened, so it isn’t just an aesthetic change. The skin cells are stimulated, and clients have reported being able to notice a change in the consistency of their skin, showing less malleability and elasticity but more tightness, characteristics of younger adults.

GoBuyside Recruits Investment Global Talent

Talent is a global market. All over the world, people have important skills. Employers want to be able to tap into these skills and create value for their company. One company that fully understands this process is Gobuyside. Gobuyside is devoted to the concept of bringing talent to the world and connecting people and companies in the process. At Gobuyside, they are experts in field of recruitment. The company can tap into a pool that is not only lively and impressive but continually growing, enabling for the growth of capital markets. Working with Gobuyside means working with specialists in the field of investment management. Investment management sector is about many things. Many people and companies turn to investment managers in order to learn how best to grow their own capital. In doing so, they are able to watch as their profits and earnings expand and provide the nest egg they need.

Gobuyside officials search the globe in order to find the best qualified person for each and every single position. In the process, they are able to provide many skilled individuals for any opening. At the company, they know that financial investment managers are special people with highly impressive insights. They also know that each company looking for these people is searching for global talent that can bring them new business not only at home but all over the world. Private equity firm means providing a means of capital for businesses to begin anew. It also means providing working capital that enables the business to expand into new markets. When people choose to work with them, they will find a company and staffers who totally understand this need and want to help them bring out the best candidates. This is why they have been so successful at what they do.

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David McDonald Raises The Bar Of Leadership At OSI Group

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group. OSI Group is a food production company based in Illinois but has operations in 17 other countries around the globe. They deal mainly with the production of value-added proteins foods although in recent years they have diversified and are working together with companies which include vegetables in their products. He was first appointed as a project manager in the company. At the same time, he was working as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. The operations of the company have been very efficient since he joined the company. It is through hard work and commitment to work that he was later appointed the President. He proved to the CEO that he could be of better use when in a higher position of leadership in the company than when in the lower cadre positions.

David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa. He received undergraduate education at Iowa State University where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science. From a young age, he was influenced by his environment to take up a course related to agriculture. He was brought up in a farmhouse. He has been a key member of the Iowa Community. He is involved in numerous community projects, especially in his alma mater. He is supporting the young people to grow up and become important players in the community. His wish is that they follow the path he took. David McDonald has also won various awards for the good role he has played in making the community better. He has been recognized by his alma mater for a philanthropist award.

David McDonald has been at OSI Group for three decades now, and the impact that he has brought is tremendous. He has taken this company from very low grounds and lifted it to become one of the leading food companies on the globe. He has consistently worked for the betterment of the food industry by encouraging innovations. He has created a logistics team at OSI Group which enable him, together with the Chief Executive Officer, to manage the operations of the company in all the 17 countries where they have a presence. OSI Group is keen on good services delivery, and that is why the leadership leaves no stone unturned when facilitating seamless management. The leadership of the company wants the best products for their customers.

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The Life Contributions of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a successful businessman who is best known for his philanthropic activities. He has contributed a lot to the healthcare sector in the United States. He has specialized in investing in healthcare companies that are at their early stages. He has been in the healthcare business for more than two decades that have given him the opportunity to be among the founders of numerous healthcare companies. Some of the companies that he has participated in starting to include the PipelineRx which provides Telepharmacy services nationally, the BMC Diagnostics which is among the top providers of diagnostic services, and also TMS Health Solutions, a company that is based in California which provides integrated behavioral health services.


Ara Chackerian’s Career Journey


Ara Chackerian’s career has been very successful and eventful which has given him the opportunity to accomplish a lot of things in the industry. He has been able to work with various companies that he has had the opportunity of being among the founders. Some of the companies he has worked for include the BMC Diagnostic Company where he has played the role of chief executive officer. Under his leadership at the BMC, he was able to accomplish which include strengthening the relationship between the company and its clients and also inspiring its employees to be committed to serving the company with a lot of dedication. Other companies that he has worked for are the PipelineRx and TMS Health Solutions where he served as the executive chairman for both companies and also PSS/World Medical where he has served as the executive vice president. You can visit their facebook page for more details.


Ara Chackerian has a strong educational background basing on the fact that he has a bachelor’s degree in marketing he attained from Florida State University. Apart from being a talented entrepreneur in the healthcare sector, he is also known for his emphasis on the importance of giving back to society. For many years he has participated in founding numerous non-profit organizations that have all been meant to empower youths through education and providing support to their startup businesses. Some of his current charity activities are going on at Armenia, Nicaragua and also the United States. For more info you can checkout





Party Of The Century For Juan “OG” Perez

TheBroTalk is a relaxed but dedicated company that aims to give readers the most up to date and interesting content available. The Bro Talk branches into multiple different areas of interest and by doing this The Bro Talk draws in a large audience that keeps coming back to find the latest content on their website time and time again. Some of the content they post may be linked to news, hobbies, and entertainment to name a few. For example, one of the most recent articles posted on The Bro Talk looked at an extravagant birthday bash help for Juan “OG” Perez.

Juan “OG” Perez works as the president of Roc Nation and is very close with JAY Z. Their relationship started when they met at Roc Nation in 1996 and has continued to this day. This close-knit friendship has led to a 50th birthday party that should hold a place in the record books. Invited to the party was some of Juan “OG” Perez’s friends and while they may not have stayed together the whole night the group did meet up late into the party for drinks, dinner, and other festivities. The record-breaking aspect of this 50th birthday party was the bill, totaling around $113,000 for the night.

This party left nothing to be desired. The meal alone was something to be remembered. The group dined on fresh lobster, sushi, and steak. This was followed by forty bottles of Champagne totaled $91,000. It was reported that while forty bottles of Champagne were ordered by the group of six, not all of these bottles were kept, some of these bottles were distributed to other tables to spread the festivities. JAY Z threw Juan “OG” Perez a party that won’t be forgotten any time soon and made sure in the process to spread the joy with others at the club and even the waiters with a gratuity totaling $11,000 by the end of the night.

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Neurocore And Improving Mental Health

Neurocore brain performance centers, found in 2004, use data-driven, mental training and assessments using neurofeedback and electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to improve Mental Health while simultaneously improving the mind-body connection. Neurocore is a national authority in neuroscience with 9 brain performance centers in the United States. Neuro Therapy or neurofeedback is used through repetition and reinforcement to teach the brain to regulate itself to function efficiently. This technology can help treat mental disorders like anxiety, ADHD, and even depression.

An EEG is a test to measure electrical activity with non-invasive metal disc placed on the scalp to detect mental ailments such as epilepsy, tumors, stroke, or brain damage. A quantitative EEG (qEEG) maps the brain, combining measurements and quantitative comparisons, these maps help minimize brain dysfunction and improve mental performance by measuring how fast or slow the brain runs and finding the root of the problem. With technology and equipment becoming more affordable clinics can make quantitative data and EEG’s readily available to the public. The most severe form of depression, affecting over 10 million adults in the United States, is clinical depression, but an EEG is a possible treatment to train the brain to overcome it’s symptoms. An impressive 84% of recorded EEG treatments for depression report reduced symptoms while 51% completely overcome this ailment. The most common use of neurofeedback is to treat attention deficit disorder (ADHD), a possibly hereditary mental disorder that causes those affected to be impulsive, hyperactive, and easily distracted, 85% of patients treated ecpirenced reduced symptoms while 53% we’re completely cured.

Scientist have a better understanding of the human brain, the source of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors through chemical signals to regulate electrical activity in billions of neurons, by utalizing advanced technology in brain mapping, neurofeedback, and EEG. It is a mystery that we can only process the new information about brains by using our brains, a mystery that companies like neurocore are moving towards solving.

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Louis Chenevert’s Aerospace Revolution

Louis Chenevert is one of the most well known entrepreneurs in the aerospace engineering sector. His decades of experience culminated in changes for airplane construction. He has very humble origins with a typical childhood in Montreal, Québec. Louis Chenevert went on to major production management during college, and this opened the path to his first job. A recent article on the website Release Fact goes into greater detail on his success story.

The first job Louis Chenevert obtained was at a General Motors plant in the region. Together with the individual who hired him, they performed quality work and moved up the ranks of the company. After more than a decade, Louis Chenevert made the jump to Pratt & Whitney, where he revolutionized their production process. He cut coasts by nearly 10 percent. In addition, the time to create a plane was reduced significantly. During his tenure, the company explored new technologies and ideas constantly. It was at this time when Louis Chenevert discovered the geared turbofan.

His experience in the industry was truly acknowledged when he landed the position of CEO at United Technologies Corporation. They were heavily involved in the creation of everything from elevators to security systems. This was the moment where he acted on his geared turbofan concept. Years later, the project was completed and the benefits exceeded expectations. It was extremely fuel efficient. The part required less tools, and created less noise when in use. It was an industry changing invention.

In each industry there is always someone who changes how fundamental concepts are approached. Louis Chenevert is that person in the aerospace industry. The geared turbofan was an idea that forever changed how the standard is made. Presently, he enjoys a peaceful retirement. He still remains active in the industry with his wealth of knowledge. His legacy will inspire individuals for generations to come.

US Money Reserve Uses DRTV To Boost Brand Message

Direct response television (DRTV) is a way that companies will use to explain products in a more detailed way than just regular commercials, and they’re intended to get customers to respond either through phone calls or texts. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

DRMetrix is an authority on DRTV ads, and they host the AdSphere Awards which award companies based on the responses their audience has given for their ads and how compelling their messages are.

This year’s winner in the financial category at the AdSphere Awards was US Money Reserve, the world’s leading gold coins authority. This was the second year in a row they had taken first in that category, and CEO Angela Koch remarked on how well the company’s marketing team had done in putting together the infomercial productions.

US Reserve is based in Austin, TX and for 18 years has sold a large variety of high value gold and silver products. It isn’t just coin collectors and finance experts who purchase these products, but also regular middle class Americans who want to have assets that can offer protection for their wealth during economic emergencies.

The reason gold coins are recommended by US Money Reserve’s leaders is because they can retain numismatic value for a very long time, and they often rise in market value when traditional assets are struggling. US Money Reserve stores the bullion purchased from them in a highly-secured vault but offers fast insured delivery options when its products are needed. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

US Money Reserve is not only backed by the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) with their highest AAA rating, they also have a leading numismatic expert on their executive team, Philip N. Diehl. Diehl has been commended for his work at the US Mint where he was director for 8 years, and while there he helped transform its technological platform and saw the agency’s profit margins increase up to $2.7 billion.

Now he serves in the private sector working to build the reputation of the precious metals industry and helping consumers become educated on buying from a reputable dealer.

US Reserve has made their website compatible for all devices, and they also have many photos, charts, live updates and different information sources customers can look at.

Users can view the products and receive live assistance any time when they’re either making a purchase or even making returns thanks to US Money Reserve utilizing Client-Connect Advantage, or they can learn how to build their own IRA in physical gold. If you’re interested in learning more about buying gold or silver bullion, go to