ClassDojo Mindfulness event

ClassDojo took part in a global lesson to help students battle stress through breathing exercises and other activites. They partnered with a non-profit called Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in the Mindful Moment event that took place on May 10.

It was the first-ever global event lesson that aired out to 180 countries across the world with lessons and discussion questions for each day during the week of May 10 to the 17th. According to the ClassDojo website, anyone can post a picture with a certain hashtag to be on their wall. The main purpose of the event was to help lower students stress levels as many teachers feel that they battle anxiety at some point during the school year. According to statistics on the site, 2,500 teachers were interviewed as 70% believed that the lessons and activities made students calmer with about 50% saying that it decreased students anxieties with 50% agreeing it made them happier.

ClassDojo is a platform that brings the classroom to students to teach them different skills and bring fun activities, with parents being able to communicate with parents.

Lessons Learned From Rocketship Education

Preston Smith is the CEO and the co-founder of Rocketship Education. In an article, he said that he learned a lot of lessons about education since he first started the first Rocketship Education school around a decade ago in San Jose, California. Rocketship Education, he said, will continue learning about education and improving its methods so that it gives the kids who study there the best chance for success.

The first lesson is how important personalized education really is. Rocketship Education is known for their personal education methods. First of all, they are known to integrate technology into their classrooms. This helps students study at a pace that is right for them. However, even more than that, Rocketship Education requires that its teachers visit the homes of each of their students at least once a year. This helps the teachers understand the life situation of each student and what he or she is going through. It also gives the parents an opportunity to connect with the teacher in a meaningful way so that they can work together to further the education of the child. This dynamic is not found when the parent visits the teacher in the teacher’s classroom once a year for a parent-teacher meeting.

Rocketship Education provides students with classes up to the fifth grade. At that point, the students have to leave and find other educational opportunities. However, Rocketship Education believes that this is in the best interests of students all around the world. They do not believe that it would be best if they started offering classes from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. When students have to leave the Rocketship Education network, the parents are empowered to start seeking good options for their kids. They will start demanding reforms in the public schools so that their kids continue to get a good education. Rocketship Education helps the parents out with that. This way, there will be a bigger demand, which will lead to a bigger supply.

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools that focus on a personalized education for each student.