Securus Technologies: Introducing the Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the leading telecommunications and security solutions providers in the United States and Canada. They cater more than 1.2 million inmates who are detained in more than 3,000 correctional facilities across North America. It is their responsibility to provide each correctional facility with the right amount of security to protect everyone inside – the inmates, and even the jail officers. Through the years, they managed to create successful products like the video calling technology and security software which allows jail officers to manage the prison effectively. Securus Technologies also introduced the wireless containment system that prevents the use of contraband cell phones inside the prison cells, and one of the most recent innovations that they introduced is the drone detection technology. Securus Technologies will again spend more than $600 million to protect these inventions from being copied illegally.

The reason behind the creation of the drone detection technology is the rising instance of contraband being delivered through the use of drones. After correctional facilities in the United States decided to upgrade their security, old ways on how to smuggle contrabands inside the prison are being busted by the jail authorities. However, the prisoners would still make ways on how they can get hold to their prized contrabands like cell phones, drugs, and deadly weapons. What they do is that they contact someone from the outside through their contraband cell phone that has not been confiscated yet, and order them to deliver contrabands through drones.

These past few years, the number of drone sightings near correctional facilities increased, along with the number of contrabands confiscated inside the prison. Jail authorities partnered with Securus Technologies to create a device that would prevent the delivery of contrabands through drones. The drone detection technology works the same way with wireless containment system, applying the same principle to deactivate devices that are seen to be a threat for the vicinity. The drone detection technology is one of the best devices that can be used to prevent the drones from reaching their target destination, as the device would mess up with their capability to be controlled.

After the implementation of the drone detection technology in all of the correctional facilities under the responsibility of Securus Technologies, the number of drone sightings decreased. Contrabands being smuggled inside the prison also decreased in number, and the jail officers have celebrated the changes being felt inside the prison. They stated that with the introduction of a drone detector, it would be difficult for the prisoners to smuggle contrabands once again. However, they are remaining vigilant because the prisoners will never get tired of thinking new ideas on how they can smuggle contrabands inside the correctional facility. They would always innovate and develop new ways that should be countered by the jail officers.



Security Meets Finance

No other company says quality in the technology field like Securus Technologies, the company that makes the internet safe and reliable for families and loved ones of prison inmates. Not only does Securus offer its technological advancements to prison inmates, it also provides services that are cheap and reliable to workers within the industry, their families, and people that are involved in the criminal justice system. Innovative forms of technology that the company provides include a fantastic video chat interface, as well as security communication systems that can be found throughout jails and prisons within the country. Within recent news, it would seem that Securus Technologies has decided to begin purchasing other companies in order to broaden its own Horizons. In this particular case, the target company is GovPayNet, a corporation that is well known for its ability to accept multiple payment methods through either credit card, PayPal or other similar options. A murder of this type would mean that Securus Technologies would be able to accept multiple payment forms from its customers, making it easier for them to make payments on time and for adequate support to commence.


It is unknown when the merger will take place, although when it does clients and Securus technologies will be able to benefit from the different payment methods immediately. This will be the first time that Securus Technologies has decided to purchase another company for its own benefit, but hopefully, it will not be the last time that it is cited you such. The high-level support this will create is something that Securus Technologies is already Well known for in the communication industry.


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Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

The modern cell phone or smartphone is a powerful computing device. From communicating to tracking features, today’s cell phone offers many capabilities and benefits. But it can also be used to break rules. Criminals and drug dealers are increasingly using cell phones to direct operations across the world. Trying to eliminate cell phone technologies to stop illegal activities could only make things worse. Opportunely, governments can be able to control the adverse effects of cell phone usage, especially in the hands of criminals by using wireless containment systems.


Wireless Containment Systems


There have been many instances of inmates using contraband cellphones to share information and direct illegal activities while in prison. A 31-year-old serving a 10-year sentence for burglary at Evans Correctional Institution recently released a video he created with a contraband phone on the Internet. It was not the first time he had been caught with a cell phone. In another incident, a former corrections officer in South Carolina became a victim of a vicious attack that was coordinated by an inmate who used a contraband cellphone. Such events could not have happened if wireless containment systems had been installed at the correctional facilities.


Developed by Securus Technologies, wireless containment systems are technology solutions that restricts the use of illegal cell phones in prisons and other correctional institutions. Wireless containment systems create local cellular networks to restrict illegal phones from getting web access by screening them. Installing wireless containment systems in prisons enables corrections officers to stop unauthorized calls and communication in the facility. Wireless containment technology solution also stores data about illegal cell phones detected on the local network.


A gang leader with access to a contraband mobile device in prison can still communicate with his criminal contacts and continue to commit illegal activities. Installing wireless containment systems therefore can be used to control threats and illegal operations made through contraband mobile devices which are smuggled in thousands in prisons across the country.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions for civil and criminal justice systems to ensure public safety, adequate investigation, monitoring, and inmate corrections.



Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 law enforcement and corrections organizations across the country. Securus Technologies is dedicated to help and unite communities by providing public information, incident management, investigations, biometric analysis, information management, inmate self-services, and monitoring services and products to make society safer.


How To Use Securus Technologies To Your Advantage

If you are aware of what some of today’s most technologically advanced forms of communication programs are, then perhaps you are familiar with the interface of Securus Technologies. First we will get into how it has positively affected its immediate users.


Securus Technologies has initially been designed and engineered to provide inmates with an opportunity of being able to stay in contact with those outside of jail who they may have had close relations with. It’s important to note that although there are ways to communicate with others via means of visitations in which visitors set up an appointment to travel to the correctional institution in which the inmate is in, setting up a time to visit at a convenient time for the visitor(s) isn’t necessarily always possible. Jails are quite busy oftentimes, and as a result, they find themselves lacking in the flexibility they can offer to visitors in appointment scheduling. If you’re wanting to schedule visitation appointments that are flexible and accommodating to your schedule, then it’s highly recommended for you to utilize Securus Technologies as it enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they can conveniently utilize the program at times when they are able to. It allows the users to chat via video chat methods, making visitation easy, fun, and convenient.


Securus Technologies is also beneficial for police officers and the government as it can be a catalyst in solving crimes in the sense that they can use whatever is said as evidence for beginning an investigation, or many, should there be anything stated that are relevant to crimes that are occurring or have occurred in the facilities where the inmate is in.