Betsy DeVos On Her Greatest Education Successes

For the past three decades, Betsy DeVos has been involved in quite a range of different things. The majority of people may know her from her business experience, with some of it being alongside husband, Dick DeVos. However, in the past few years, Ms. DeVos has been involved in a variety of different philanthropic causes across the United States. While much of this has been in her hometown of Grand Rapids, and the greater Michigan area, she’s also been involved in work across the country, such as in Florida and more. On top of this, much of the charitable causes she’s been involved in have been focused on the issue of education reform and providing better access for low-income families and children to education.



To that extent, Betsy DeVos has been served as Chairman for quite a few different charities, such as the American Federation for Children (AFC) and the Alliance for School Choice. This is on top of her positions with the likes of DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Because of that, Ms. DeVos has spent quite a significant amount of time focusing on education in the United States and how it could be improved, it’s also put her into a considerable amount of experts in the field and allowed her to find out more about the challenges facing education and how it could be improved. It’s also given her an insight into the challenges facing working-class and low-income families when it comes to getting their children a quality education.



To that extent, she’s always been an advocate for private-school voucher programs across the country, which have been proving successful. To help highlight that fact, Betsy DeVos pointed to Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, which all expanded their programs. Furthermore, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Mississippi, and New Hampshire have all created and improved their own programs in the past decade. With these successes, it can be hard to determine which has been the most successful. If you’ve had a hand in some of these programs like Betsy DeVos has, then it can also be difficult to choose which one you’re most proud of.



Though Ms. DeVos will always have a fond heart for Grand Rapids and the greater Michigan area, she noted that Florida had been one of the biggest successes for the past few years when it comes to private-school voucher programs. As Ms. DeVos has noted, the state has enjoyed the nation’s longest period of widespread educational choice. To that end, it’s been noted that Florida has been steadily expanding their program every year since they began it earlier in the decade, and been able to offer more affordable education to low-income and working-class families.


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