The Best Shea Butter On The Market


Shea butter has become a household product that has been flooding the internet. Just by Googling “shea butter” you can find thousands upon thousands of results for beauty tips to amazing products that are infused with shea butter. Shea butter has hundreds of uses that are great for our bodies. Shea butter is extremely versatile and can work on a variety of skin types. Shea butter is packed with fatty acids and vitamins that will keep your skin looking healthy and young again. Shea butter can also be used on your hair. It locks in moisture and will keep your hair looking elegant. It can tame frizzy hair and give you that natural shine. If you are getting your nails done soon, apply a small amount of shea butter to keep your cuticles and nails in healthy shape. Shea butter can be used in addition to your make-up accessories as well as shaving accessories. Shea butter has no limits on the benefits it offers us.


One brand name that has been gaining popularity in the market is Eugenia Shea. This company works with cooperatives in northern Ghana. Eugenia Shea offers a generous wage for its workers and has a perk for acquiring an education that has been set into place to give more back to its hard workers. The owners of Eugenia Shea had experienced some tough times in their lives and had been blessed by giving back to the world.


Eugenia Shea strives to give its customers the best of the best. Shea butter can help transform so many aspects of people’s lives. They want to give you the most purist form of shea butter.

Shea Butter Benefits For The Hair and Skin


Shea butter is known to be a superfood for the skin. It comes in the form of a milky cream extracted from the seeds of the karite tree. Shea butter is indigenous to West Africa. It is known to be high in vitamins E, A and F. Its use is dated back to our ancestors, who used it for skin and hair health. Some of the uses and benefits of shea butter include;



Shea butter is one of the best natural moisturizers for both hair and skin. It has a high content of fatty acids and vitamins which help to entrap moisture from the skin. It is for this reason that it is commonly used to restore suppleness in dry skin and hair. Also, it helps protect the skin and hair from adverse weather and its adverse effects.



Shea butter contains the compound SPF. This aspect of shea butter helps to protect the skin and hair from the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, it makes a great styling oil. This is because, instead of sitting on hair and making it all greasy, it is simply absorbed in the scalp and hair strands. Therefore, protecting hair from excessive heat.



Shea butter is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Containing lupeol cinnamate, shea butter, is very effective in reducing body inflammations. For this reason, shea butter is used in the treatment of minor injuries e.g. cuts, scrapes, rashes and burns. It is also known to relieve muscle pain in people suffering from arthritis.


Learning the benefits of shea butter is not enough. It is important to learn superior shea butter brands in the market. EuGenia Shea is one of the leading brands. They have tons of options available in their online store here:


EuGenia Shea gets all its shea butter from Ghana. They employ a women-only taskforce. This is with the aim of empowering women in West Africa and ensuring that they have a sustainable pay.