Important Tips on Scented Candles and Transparent Bags from Donata Meirelles

Donata Meirelles is an expert in different fields in fashion. He is the director and adviser of fashion styles in Vogue. From the fragrance and smell that many brands have, it leaves a memory in the minds of clients in any particular store or restaurant. The smell generally gives a brand an identity that makes it unique from others. He specializes in perfuming not only as a business but also in his home. He gives out some tips on how to perfume a house, guesthouse or any occasion using scented candles.

He believes that placing the scented candle at the entrance of the house serves a good position of welcoming a guest with the sweet smell. Apart from the entrance, candles should also be placed in strategic positions in the main room, the library and the washrooms which are mainly visited from time to time and demands the nice smell. However, the bedroom should have no candle as it may interfere with the comfort or the sleep of the occupant. Since the candles produce a good smell, it doesn’t mean they have to be lit 24/7. The candles should specifically be lit immediately the sun goes down so that when the owner gets home, the room is already perfumed. He believes that the best candle brands are Tania Bulhoes, Jo Malone, Diptyque and Ralph Lauren which he frequently uses. Read the article at about Donata Meirelles

Donata Meirelles also gives advises on how to use transparent pouch, accessories that have hit the fashion shelves in the market. The pouch is usually used for carrying items that one is not ashamed of being seen by the public. These items include sunglasses, money, cards and cheque books. It is also an opportunity for women to showcase the brand of makeup they carry in their bags. He also pointed out how important it is to place the smartphone screen facing down, this is to make sure that confidential notifications in the phone are not seen by the public. If one must place it upwards, choose wallpaper with the most beautiful picture of yourself.

He stresses on the need for a well-organized plan in the pouch. The unwanted stuff such as old books, used containers, loose papers and other things that find no other place to be kept should not be placed inside the transparent pouch. Donata Meirelles believes that using a transparent bag suits every kind of clothing and fashion. It also shows the confidentiality in a person and it’s fun to travel with. Check out:

Donata Meirelles Visits Louis Vuitton and Meets Special Guest

One of the greatest fashion designers and French entrepreneur that we know in our world today particularly in the fashion world is Louis Vuitton. There is no doubt that his name has become iconic because of the bags, clothes, accessories, and shoes that he has made. Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris back in 1854, and its legendary history was built and the ambition, vision, and mission of its founders continue to be inherited. Donata Meirelles is a big fan of the brand, which is why she went on an afternoon shopping in Louis Vuitton with her daughter is also an entrepreneur and a fashion enthusiast. She was able to witness how the brand is being expressed through its own values, heritage, and spirit of ingenuity and innovation. The creations of the brand were exquisite and exceptional and this would not be possible without the creative and bold mind of Louis Vuitton himself. Perfection is what the brand demands for each and every design, from accessories to shoes, watches to jewelry, leather goods to ready to wear, and so on. Read more Donata Meirelles at

During the new episode and program of Quero Já, it can be seen that the two are having a good time inside the Louis Vuitton boutique. Helena Bordon truly admires the luxurious brand especially their handbags, watches, shoes, and jewelry. All creations of the brand have become legendary across the world and have been welcoming various clients to reflect its founding values that are being sold exclusively in the boutiques of Louis Vuitton. In this episode, Donata Meirelles was able to meet with a special guest as well as choosing the look of her daughter. On the other hand, Helena was the one who chose the look of her mother as well. The mother and daughter bonding of Donata Meirelles and Helena is priceless for the two knows their exact style and taste in fashion.

Additionally, Nicolas Ghesquière has been the Creative Director of the Women’s Collections of Louis Vuitton ever since November 2013. Later on, Virgil Abloh, the owner of Off White became the Creative Director of the Men’s Collections last March 2018. Louis Vuitton is one of the most profitable brands in the whole world and is part of Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands. According to the Chief executive Officer of Louis Vuitton, Michael Burke, the company strives to create something extraordinary and that is what Louis Vuitton has to offer each day.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Thriving In A Changing Market

Since 2013, movie star Kate Hudson has been demonstrating her fearless approach to fashion retail while running Fabletics, her athletic clothing brand geared toward fitness-obsessed women. The actress has implemented several clever marketing strategies that have shown her deep understanding of what the modern fashion consumer looks for in a brand.


Fabletics sells affordable yet highly fashionable workout gear for women who like to exercise in style. The company’s e-commerce website is stocked with countless styles of leggings, sports bras and cute, breathable workout tops. On Hudson’s Instagram, which has millions of followers, she can be seen modeling the newest Fabletics pieces herself.


What sets Fabletics apart from other athletic apparel brands is its highly innovative business model. Hudson jumped on the subscription service trend to create a personalized and heavily convenient method for purchasing workout clothes. Known as the VIP membership program, the subscription service feature on the Fabletics website allows customers to sign up in order to get a workout outfit sent to their home each month for a $49.95 monthly fee.


Fabletics personally picks out the workout outfit for each VIP member based on the answers that the customer filled out on a lifestyle quiz. This quiz gives the brand insight into each VIP member’s unique tastes.


Recently, Hudson developed yet another interesting strategy for the company. She opened up a few brick-and-mortar stores throughout the United States that act as reverse showrooms. This strategy uses physical stores to bring more revenue to the company’s website by encouraging shoppers to join the VIP membership program.


These physical Fabletics stores allow customers to develop relationships with Fabletics employees while giving them the opportunity to try Fabletics pieces on in person. These stores help customers build trust with the brand before they commit to the monthly membership fee. Fabletics has reported that over a quarter of store shoppers have joined the VIP membership program.


Hudson’s unique ability to develop highly successful strategies comes from her dedication to researching the athletic apparel market. Having studied the business models of other athletic apparel brands, Hudson has been able to give customers what they can’t get anywhere else. For instance, Fabletics stocks a wider variety of sizes than most athletic apparel brands. The clothes are also known for being extremely affordable.


Hudson continues to devote every day to coming up with new ways to market the brand. Valued at over $250 million, it’s clear the actress knows what she’s doing.


To start receiving a handpicked workout outfit in the mail each month, visit the Fabletics website and fill out the lifestyle quiz.