A Leap Into The Future: TalksSpace

The app called Talkspace is programmed to deliver psychotherapy through smartphones, tablets and even desktops. Every user gets a dedicated therapist thus saving time and cost of traveling to a clinic. The approach to therapies depends on the analysis of the disorder causing inconvenience to the user. Licensed therapists are trained to perform Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With over 500,00 clients and 1,000 therapists, Talkspace is slowly replacing traditional face-to-face therapy and have serious expansion plans in the near future.

Founded in 2012, by Oren Frank and Roni Frank, the company initially focused on couple therapy and got a feedback of a high success rate thus saving innumerable marriages. Founder Roni Frank was astonished to see the outcome of such treatment and decided to earn a Master’s in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

A unique feature of Talkspace is unlimited messaging with a therapist, including provisions for send audio as well as video messages. TalkSpace’s out of the box thinking led to the idea of prescribing medications for treating anxiety and depression. If implemented this would be a first of its kind move by the company. The decision was taken immediately after the renowned former medical director of UnitedHealth Neil Leibowitz, joined Talkspace as the Chief Medical Officer.

Studies show that out of 20% of the American with mental disorders, at least two-thirds do not realize it for a year before getting treatment. There are tons of start-ups committed to solving the problem with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, though none of them prescribe medication to its clients.

Since its inception, Talkspace has built up a huge client base. The effectiveness is changing the trend to slowly availing TalkSpace’s services rather than traveling to an office for care and treatment. Recently, the invasion of TalkSpace in offices and universities has been reported. To implement usage in offices and universities, TalkSpace started offering its services through employee assistance program in offices and by making alliances with fraternities present on college campuses.

Currently, TalkSpace has been in touch with campus personnel and working hard to directly get engaged with the mental health services available in colleges across the United States.