Bernardo Chua’s Great Accomplishments in the Medical Industry

Bernardo Chua comes from the Philippines. He is medical expert and a marketing executive at a multilevel position. He has taken over the family legacy of global nutrition supplement business. He owes his great reputation to his immense research and growth in the medicinal benefits of ganoderma mushroom. He followed his passion for herbal medicine as well as helping people through his profession.

He studied at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. This was when his career journey began. He served as a purchasing manager in the family-owned garment company. Later he acquired a desire to venture outside the family enterprise. He started managing a local Filipino travel agency. He utilized his managerial skills and led to a huge expansion of the agency across Southeast Asia. Visit Bernardo Chua on Twitter@OGBernie

The prior endeavor integrated with his knowledge in herbal medicine ushered him in the supplement industry. Bernardo Chua’s self-made profession on traditional Chinese herbal therapy earned him a position to work with Gano Excel. He was tasked with promoting coffee infused with ganoderma. He was able to successfully broaden its market share in Asia.

Six years later, he decided to use his accumulative expertise to start his own company. He was also supported by his family, business suppliers and colleagues. Bernardo Chua founded ORGANO Gold in 2008. He is renowned in the direct sales industry for introducing people to the numerous health remedies of ganoderma mushroom. He has extended this venture into the North American market. This has made him one of the top-most in the Southeast Asian business.

He has also invested hugely in educating people about the therapeutic benefits of ganoderma mushroom. He has also worked with great farmers in growing the best quality organic ganoderma mushroom. The entrepreneur has received numerous awards for his unmatched work.


Nina Vaca Knows That Women Are the Future of STEM

Nina Vaca is keen on STEM. That stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Furthermore, she is eager to see women embrace STEM and take the lead in this overarching sector as we move forward into the next generation. She says that STEM is at the heart of the economic future of the United States.

In her blog, Vaca writes about the United Nation’s recent designation of February 11 as International Day of Women and Girls in Science. She lauds the UN for its foresight in recognizing that women must play a key role in STEM to ensure their individual economic position in society.

Vaca is a case study in demonstrating the power of women. The daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants, she grew up in a family that knew they had to work twice as hard as others to pull themselves up to higher social and economic status.

When her father died tragically when Vaca was just 17, she stepped up with her sister to take over his business. When she was just 25, Vaca invested $300 to start her own staffing agency. That was 19 years ago. Today, that company, Pinnacle Group, is among the most successful agencies of its kind in the world with annual revenues north of $1 billion.

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Nick Vertucci, the CEO NVREA

Nick Vertucci has invested in many career lines to earn income. He is a writer, investor, and international poker player; he has set a legacy in all these fields as he can balance all the three and make it seem very easy. To achieve and make his dreams a reality Nick Vertucci combines essential skills and virtues earned from all his careers to make him successful. He does not give up even when his dreams seem to be trembling. While building an empire, Mr. Vertucci faced ups and downs, but finally, he was able to make his dream a reality. He invested in Real estate business where he has worked for long. Over the years Vertucci`s secret to success entails him having a mentor, being honest and open in the real estate business. He also has money intelligence thus invests only in industries that are successful.

Nick Vertucci road to success was not always straightforward, he even built a mansion that failed, but he learned from his mistakes. He decided to guide others on the right path to success to ensure that they would not make the same mistakes as he did in the investment sector. Nick Vertucci launched NVREA institution with a team of experts to train students and equip them with the necessary skills to operate with in the real estate investment industry. Students apply through online platform of NVREA to any branch in the United States.

If any students have a query on the school, they can contact NVREA offices through their email which is acted upon fast to provide the necessary information. Nick Vertucci teaches using his blueprints to ensure that all interested parties gain essential knowledge. Upon graduation, students can buy and sell real estates by making good connections with professionals. They are able to use peoples wealth to generate income.

Finance Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the leading executives of a major investment management firm. He is a high ranking executive at the investment firm known as Fortress Investment Group. Briger was also one of the leading executives of Goldman Sachs for several years. As a financial services firm executive, Peter Briger has been able to make a significant impact on his employers. While working at both firms, Peter has been able to help them grow and expand. Briger has also helped provide valuable management and expertise for the firms as well. As a result, of his contributions, Peter was able to attain top ranking executive positions at both of these firms.

Peter Briger has worked at Goldman Sachs. While he was with Goldman Sachs, he spent a lot of time overseeing the department that handles credit securities management. As well as being in charge of this division, Peter was also involved in helping the firm reach its expansion goals. Briger helped the firm establish a client base in Asia which helped the firm become the leading financial services firm in the industry. He was a part of numerous committees that worked with Asian investors. Towards the end of his stint with Goldman Sachs, Peter was named as one of the firm’s partners in the mid 1990’s. Visit to learn more.

After a successful stint with his previous firm, Briger decided to join a promising investment firm called Fortress Investment Group. He joined the firm in the year 2002 and was immediately named as one of firm’s management committee members. This allowed Peter to provide valuable leadership and expertise for the young firm. Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group was able to establish itself as one of the leading private equity firms in the entire world. Eventually, Peter would named as a principal of the firm as well as one of its chief executive officers.

Peter Briger has been able to amass a considerable fortune during his career as a financial services firm executive. During his career, Peter became among the richest Americans according to a recent report by Forbes. With his fortune, Peter has been active in giving back to his community. Briger has helped out with philanthropic projects in both New York City and San Francisco in recent years.



Louis Chenevert’s Aerospace Revolution

Louis Chenevert is one of the most well known entrepreneurs in the aerospace engineering sector. His decades of experience culminated in changes for airplane construction. He has very humble origins with a typical childhood in Montreal, Québec. Louis Chenevert went on to major production management during college, and this opened the path to his first job. A recent article on the website Release Fact goes into greater detail on his success story.

The first job Louis Chenevert obtained was at a General Motors plant in the region. Together with the individual who hired him, they performed quality work and moved up the ranks of the company. After more than a decade, Louis Chenevert made the jump to Pratt & Whitney, where he revolutionized their production process. He cut coasts by nearly 10 percent. In addition, the time to create a plane was reduced significantly. During his tenure, the company explored new technologies and ideas constantly. It was at this time when Louis Chenevert discovered the geared turbofan.

His experience in the industry was truly acknowledged when he landed the position of CEO at United Technologies Corporation. They were heavily involved in the creation of everything from elevators to security systems. This was the moment where he acted on his geared turbofan concept. Years later, the project was completed and the benefits exceeded expectations. It was extremely fuel efficient. The part required less tools, and created less noise when in use. It was an industry changing invention.

In each industry there is always someone who changes how fundamental concepts are approached. Louis Chenevert is that person in the aerospace industry. The geared turbofan was an idea that forever changed how the standard is made. Presently, he enjoys a peaceful retirement. He still remains active in the industry with his wealth of knowledge. His legacy will inspire individuals for generations to come.

An Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen

Born in Curitiba, Brazil in1947, Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker. He attended the Federal University of Parana where he did a course in engineering. There was no other university offering engineering course in Parana as well as in Santa Catarina during this time. The shortage of engineering colleges made the competition to be so high when it came to gaining admission to the college. After two years in the university, Igor decided to change his course to economics from the same university. Igor graduated in 1970 and immediately joined an investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen later moved to Rio to pursue his career. While in Rio, Igor was able to gain a good reputation due to his hard work. He rose from one rank to another through promotions while working as an investment banker. While working for Multibanco, Igor was promoted to become one of the board members of the bank in 1974. Later after two years, Igor received another promotion to become the CEO of the bank. The experiences he gained made Cornelsen be one of the best investment bankers around.

As an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen confirms that it is not a more straightforward exercise when it comes to investment. He argues that there are some rules that one has to follow to succeed in finance. According to Igor, it is essential to get an adviser. When you are starting off, it will be better to have an adviser to help you move your first foot forward. After gaining a solid foundation on how to invest and where then you can invest on your own. In addition to this, Igor claims that an investor must be able to diversify their portfolios. Diversifying portfolios will help one to minimize risks. A diversified investment portfolio can increase an individual’s ability to obtain more revenue from several sources.

David Zalik Leads GreenSky Credit by an Example

Many financial service providers and contractors can never be happier about the advancement of technology than how they feel right now. GreenSky Credit has come up with a platform that enables the clients of these institutions that lend funds to customers to access the credit facilities without having to wall to their premises. The customers need to open their phones and apply for the loans that they require, a process that would take weeks before now takes less than a minute. After the application, the details are then reviewed by the financial institutions that then approve the amount to be remitted to the customersaccount by GreenSky Credit personnel.

The introduction of this platform has been useful not only to the customers but also the service providers and the financial institutions. To the customers, the ease of access to the loans and the efficiency of the application process has been dominant. The reduction of manual approval work where a lot of papers were involved has also been eradicated. On the other hand, the lenders and the financial intermediaries have been offered the flexibility of the amount of loan that they can provide to their customers because GreenSky Credit would be on their back to increase their lending capacity.

A unique and critical success factor that the organization possesses is the ability to develop close business relationships with the financial service providers and the lenders. The CEO of the organization, Mr. David Zalik, has ensured that the organization has engaged in productive relationships with the financial players in the industry and also their clients. This has made it easy for GreenSky Credit to access more customers through the leverage of the small financial service providers with which it enters into partnerships.

One of the motivations that drive the company’s CEO to move the extra mile that he does is the fact that he owns more than half of GreenSky Credit Company. This has been a fundamental driver of the company, knowing that the profits made the organization directly impacts his income. He has also maintained a very good rapport with his employees, an aspect that has made them work tenaciously towards achieving the objectives of the company.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Offering a Unique Brand of Service with His Medical Company OVME

The things that motivate a given individual can be very different depending on their own experiences and inner drives. To expect the same level of devotion to a particular topic for a group of given individuals would be unacceptable. Quite simply, there are some people who are more prone to success than others. They are able to carve out a routine that allows them to push for greatness. Dr. Mark McKenna is one such individual that is always seeking to better himself and the people that he comes in contact with. “A Glimpse Into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” discusses much of the work that he has done to change the medical aesthetics with his amazing new company OVME.

What makes OVME so intriguing is the stance that it takes on aesthetic medicine in general. While the medical process can be extremely clinical and depersonalizing in any industry the medical aesthetics community also deals with the added stigmatization of their overall practice. Clients are already coming into the medical setting feeling as though they must explain why they want an elective procedure or justify their needs. Dr. Mark McKenna created OVME to give them a safe place to express themselves. OVME has a special pronunciation of “of me” because the process is about the client. Clients that go into the OVME office will find it to be comfortable and warm. Professionals will be completely invested in the client’s desires and wishes because of the additional emphasis on patient care. Dr. Mark McKenna is running a business dedicated to helping these individuals not getting them out as quickly as possible.

Much of the motivation that Mark McKenna feels to help these types of patients is centered around his interest in patient care and advocacy. He has always seen glaring gaps within the industry and his work with OVME is an attempt to rectify that situation for modeling. He wants to show people within the medical community that it is possible to create a homey environment that is also clean and sterile. It is his hope that his brand of medical practice will catch on for many facilities all over the country, but he will continue to offer this unique brand of service as well.

Sahm Adrangi Discusses Ad Fraud At Kase Conference

On 05/03/18 Sahm Adrangi did a presentation on ad fraud at the Kase Conference. Adrangi says his reason for speaking about ad fraud is because it shows certain situations how billions of dollars in fraud can be perpetrated in short order.

Sahm Adrangi uses a widely-known brand such as Kellogg as an example of how companies pull off such advertising frauds and reap in massive amounts of money. If the company spends $25,000 on advertising and its placed all on fake sites that are monitored by only robots, the site isn’t getting real Internet traffic. Instead, hackers are getting the money via bots that are used rather than buyers.

Since advertising fraud is going on in record levels, many companies are now steering clear of advertising online, according to Sahm Adrangi. But, at the same time, there are companies that benefit greatly from the fraud. These are usually the ones very reluctant to do anything about it.

Adrangi estimates that at least 25% of advertising traffic is the result of bots. He also explains the many different types of ad fraud such as click fraud, where you have fake sites without content, and ads that tag and stuff. These ads are where you may visit an advertising site with a video. On the same page, you may see additional videos being played. The fraudulent part is that the advertiser is paying for those videos but no one is actually seeing them.

At the end of the day, hackers are reaping the benefits of such schemes. In fact, it is estimated that world-wide, hackers are earning billions of dollars. Sahm Adrangi insists that more fool-proof methods should be used to outsmart hackers. But as long as some of the brands are making money off the fraud, little will likely be done to curtail it.

Shervin Pishevar Predicts Irrelevant Governmental Institutions

In a career that has spanned several decades, Shervin Pishevar has consistently identified winners in regards to upstart investments – a trait that has garnered him a very favorable reputation among his peers. Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of a number of thriving enterprises, most notably, Virgin Hyperloop One, as well as the venture capital firm, Sherpa Capital. His record of success regarding the recognition of bonafide upstarts, is among the foremost venture capitalists in the world, garnering a substantial following for him throughout the social media world. His list of upstarts includes Warby Parker, Uber, Tumblr, Dollar Shave Club, Slack, Rapportive, and a number of other tech companies. In his return from a short break, Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter, dishing his opinion regarding the future of the American economy, globalism, and entrepreneurship.

The stock market has always been steeped in volatility, yet the initial gains of early 2018, caused it to be publicly championed by a litany of high-profile figures, including the President of the United States, Donald Trump. In his 50-tweet rampage, Shervin Pishevar shocked the business world when he predicted that it would be due to crash in the near future, taking a huge loss of 6000 points. The next day, Shervin Pishevar’s prediction proved to be spot on, as the market lost 500 points in less than an hour and took an even deeper plummet by day’s end. This added credence to Shervin Pishevar’s predictions, as the entire market looked more unstable than at any other point in recent history. Mr. Pishevar would then take the time to publicly address President Donald Trump, admonishing his position of backing the stock market, then creating the hashtag, “TrumpDump. If he is correct, the rapid downturn is only the beginning of the reshaping of the United States economy, as the traditional institutions, both financial and governmental, will eventually become irrelevant, especially considering the rise of stateless cryptocurrencies.