Vijay Eswaran as a Modern Day Model for Success

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur from Malaysia. He has a company by the name QI Group of companies. Vijay moved to London to get his Economics degree. Vijay is a businessman who has invested his business in a couple of projects. The company sells its products online and has been able to collaborate in the fled of medicine and telecommunication. His company has aided him with networking opportunities globally.

Vijay Eswaran is a philanthropic person. He has donated part of his wealth to multiple charities. He also shares his wisdom and knowledge as a motivational speaker. He is very passionate about business and is happy to meet people who share the same ambition. Aspiring business mogul can learn a lot from his experience in the business world. Since he has traveled a lot, he has earned the opportunity to share his life by writing a book. He has displayed photographs of places he has been that have excited him. He is a good example of a businessman who knows how to keep everything in its place. He has a book which guides business people on how to balance the two and still be successful. Also, the articles he writes are for the betterment of the economy.

Vijay Eswaran is a self-driven and hardworking business mogul. However, he is also well concerned about his lifestyle. He is a vegetarian who keeps his eating habits healthy. He draws inspiration from Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. Two of Vijay’s advice to being content in life are, doing what you love and living in the moment. These two principles mould him not to be focused on past failures and mistakes. He also notes that if you do what you love, you will not feel like your job is weighing you down. This is what we call personal success in life and professional success career-wise.

One interesting fact about Vijay Eswaran is that he did odd jobs before his big break into owning a multi-million dollar company. At some point, he worked at a farmhouse. Hard work, patience and resilience made him dream of better days in the future. Then he rose to chase his dream.

Bernardo Chua’s Great Accomplishments in the Medical Industry

Bernardo Chua comes from the Philippines. He is medical expert and a marketing executive at a multilevel position. He has taken over the family legacy of global nutrition supplement business. He owes his great reputation to his immense research and growth in the medicinal benefits of ganoderma mushroom. He followed his passion for herbal medicine as well as helping people through his profession.

He studied at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. This was when his career journey began. He served as a purchasing manager in the family-owned garment company. Later he acquired a desire to venture outside the family enterprise. He started managing a local Filipino travel agency. He utilized his managerial skills and led to a huge expansion of the agency across Southeast Asia. Visit Bernardo Chua on Twitter@OGBernie

The prior endeavor integrated with his knowledge in herbal medicine ushered him in the supplement industry. Bernardo Chua’s self-made profession on traditional Chinese herbal therapy earned him a position to work with Gano Excel. He was tasked with promoting coffee infused with ganoderma. He was able to successfully broaden its market share in Asia.

Six years later, he decided to use his accumulative expertise to start his own company. He was also supported by his family, business suppliers and colleagues. Bernardo Chua founded ORGANO Gold in 2008. He is renowned in the direct sales industry for introducing people to the numerous health remedies of ganoderma mushroom. He has extended this venture into the North American market. This has made him one of the top-most in the Southeast Asian business.

He has also invested hugely in educating people about the therapeutic benefits of ganoderma mushroom. He has also worked with great farmers in growing the best quality organic ganoderma mushroom. The entrepreneur has received numerous awards for his unmatched work.