Differences Between Canadian And American Stock Exchanges

The United States has a population that is 10 times higher than Canada’s population. Although most American stock market sectors are also larger, there are some exceptions. For example, Canada’s basic materials sector is larger. A few of the most notable differences between the two countries are within their stock exchanges.


In the United States, the five biggest banks only manage about 50 percent of the total banking assets in the country. There are many smaller banks that manage sizable portions as well. The top five banks in Canada manage about 85 percent of the country’s banking assets, and this leaves fewer lending options for investors in Canada. Bank failures are possible with the large number of smaller banks in the United States. However, Canada has an oligopoly problem. Although investors are limited with Canadian banks, the World Economic Forum said that Canada still has one of the strongest banking systems in the world.

Penny Stocks

In Canada, penny stocks are a big part of the nation’s securities industry. The TSX Venture Exchange is a marketplace that is in Calgary, and it is often called the junior listings market. It earned this name because many of the companies that trade on it have stronger dreams than financial statistics. On the website, companies can click on a link to apply to have their stocks listed. In the past, the marketplace has been the source of several major fraud cases. One example was Bre-X, which went from a penny stock to a massive market cap in a matter of months. Although there was verified insider trading, the company’s gold samples were fraudulent. There are not as many of these issues today. However, the United States does not place such a high importance on penny stocks, and there are no links for companies to apply for a stock listing on the New York Stock Exchange’s website.

Speculation Differences

Most investors around the world consider the United States to be the pinnacle of economic freedom. There is a common stereotype about Canada that its investors are deferential and reserved while American investors are bold and confident. With this assumption, it would seem natural that the United States would have more investments in wind farms and innovative online startups. By contrast, the stereotype would make it seem that Canadian investors would put more money into government debentures. However, some of the most speculative and surprising stock trading takes place in Canada, and it has the highest number of such trades per capita in Western society.

Both the United States and Canada are among the richest nations in the world. While the two markets have their differences, the biggest variations are the strategies of investors. Their strategies vary based on age, income and life status. For example, a 40-year-old with a family and an annual income of $50,000 will not have as strong of a portfolio as a 60-year-old millionaire without a family. These differences hold true in both the United States and in Canada.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Offering a Unique Brand of Service with His Medical Company OVME

The things that motivate a given individual can be very different depending on their own experiences and inner drives. To expect the same level of devotion to a particular topic for a group of given individuals would be unacceptable. Quite simply, there are some people who are more prone to success than others. They are able to carve out a routine that allows them to push for greatness. Dr. Mark McKenna is one such individual that is always seeking to better himself and the people that he comes in contact with. “A Glimpse Into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” discusses much of the work that he has done to change the medical aesthetics with his amazing new company OVME.

What makes OVME so intriguing is the stance that it takes on aesthetic medicine in general. While the medical process can be extremely clinical and depersonalizing in any industry the medical aesthetics community also deals with the added stigmatization of their overall practice. Clients are already coming into the medical setting feeling as though they must explain why they want an elective procedure or justify their needs. Dr. Mark McKenna created OVME to give them a safe place to express themselves. OVME has a special pronunciation of “of me” because the process is about the client. Clients that go into the OVME office will find it to be comfortable and warm. Professionals will be completely invested in the client’s desires and wishes because of the additional emphasis on patient care. Dr. Mark McKenna is running a business dedicated to helping these individuals not getting them out as quickly as possible.

Much of the motivation that Mark McKenna feels to help these types of patients is centered around his interest in patient care and advocacy. He has always seen glaring gaps within the industry and his work with OVME is an attempt to rectify that situation for modeling. He wants to show people within the medical community that it is possible to create a homey environment that is also clean and sterile. It is his hope that his brand of medical practice will catch on for many facilities all over the country, but he will continue to offer this unique brand of service as well.

The Role Played by Mike Baur in Developing the Swiss Start-up Factory

Mike Baur is the chief executive officer and co-founder of the SwissStartup Factory. He has an MBA from the University of Berne and the University of Rochester New York. Mike Baur spent close to twenty years in Swiss Private Banking and rose through the ranks. He worked at Clariden Leu and UBS. He quit employment and started focusing on creating start-up companies.


Mike Baur began his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 when he founded the Swiss Start up Factory. He spends a lot of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship and supports the Swiss Start up Factory not only financially but also in the form of mentorship. Mike Baur is also the Director and co-founder of Swiss Start up Association. He is also a community wellness advocate who participates in corporate shielding running events. Apart form the roles mentioned above, Mike Baur has also been a board member for the Greenville Peace Centre for Performing Arts.


He is recognised in the society for his entrepreneurial skills. He was a jury member for the START Summiteer which is a start-up pitching contest held at the University of St Gallen. Mike Baur was appointed as CTI’s deputy managing director when the firm entered into a partnership with Swiss Start-up Factory. He led the company through the acceleration program in 2016 with the Goldback Group and the Fintech Fusion.



Mr. Baur’s main responsibility at the Swiss Start-up Factory is financing rounds and fundraising at the company. Swiss Start up Factory is an accelerator that is Zurich based and is in search of thriving digital entrepreneurs. It offers wonderful opportunities through its strong network in Switzerland and the rest of the world. The company runs a start-up accelerator program that lasts three months in which it offers coaching and mentoring services. It has office space in Zurich and an entrepreneurial networks which allows it to achieve its goals. The company has continued to grow over the years thanks to the remarkable leadership skills of Mike Baur. Today, it has a total of forty three offices in different countries and an estimate of 2100 workers.


Marc Sparks Shares Investing Knowledge

Marc Sparks is someone that I can admire. He knows a lot about investing in businesses because he has done this for most of his adult life. I believe that anyone that is looking for a lesson or two in venture capitalism can take away a lot from what Marc Sparks is saying. Learn more: https://about.me/marc_sparks


I have seen the high number of businesses that he has invested in, and this has led people to refer to him as a serial investor. I think this is an interesting concept because many people will invest in one or two businesses and make their decision about what they want to venture into based on this. Most people that invest in healthcare businesses will continue to do this. Others that put their mind into technology stocks will also do the same. It is very interesting, however, for someone like Marc Sparks to take a look at the insurance industry and invest in a business in this area. He is the same person that will also take a look at what is happening in the technology or financial industry and invest in businesses in these areas as well. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/entrepreneur-marc-sparks-transforms-office-to-optimize-innovative-collaboration-300024747.html


Marc Sparks is someone that has a lot of knowledge about what venture capitalists are looking for. He started his own business Timbercreek Capital in order to engage in things like financial investing, but he has a long track record of successfully bringing many other business models to life.


I truly do believe that this is one of the reasons why I have put so much time into looking at what he is talking about when it comes to investing. I definitely think that he has a handle on what it takes to engage in smart investing because he knows the ropes. He knows what investors are looking for because he has worked as an investor. He also knows what it takes to make a business successful because he has been on the end of working internally to acquire money from capitalists.


His experience led him to many new dimensions when it comes to investing, and I think that everyone that takes a piece of the knowledge that he presents in his blogs or his book will come out as a winner. Marc Sparks has presented lots of helpful information for investors, and I think that he has created even more opportunity for business entrepreneurs with the Spark Tank. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/