Benefits of WorldWide Assets eXchange (WAX)

Benefits of WorldWide Assets eXchange (WAX)

Malcolm CasSelle is the leader of OPSkins which is the leading supplier of virtual assets of in-game in the world. The Company is also the leading merchant of bitcoin in the international the international market. Since the company has millions of followers and clients all over the world who pays for the services through micro-payment makes superior returns for every transaction they make. The company recently launched another blockchain platform that will create an opportunity for their clients to conduct virtual asset business known as WAX. The Worldwide Asset eXchange is a marketplace for doing virtual assets business that has been created through a foundation of blockchain and regionalized smart contracts that will give an opportunity for buyers and sellers to carry out their business of virtual assets without facing any challenges.

Benefits of WAX and its Leadership

The Worldwide Assets eXchange has a lot of benefits since it provides a solution to some of the common challenges that buyers and sellers of virtual assets face. Some of the problems like fragmentation and fraud shall be solved by using blockchain-enabled widget that will give an opportunity to all users to immediately buy and sell their virtual assets while still logged in the game. The virtual asset way of transacting business in the current ecosystem has a lot of challenges that many clients face in terms of making payments and also understanding the language being used in the global market. Some clients also go through a lot of problems in the process of buying their virtual assets because they are worried about the security of their assets since some countries might have restricted such assets.

Such problems shall be solved with WorldWide Assets eXchange (WAX) since it will provide a blockchain and regionalized platform where buyers and sellers shall be able to carry out business transactions according to their regions. Malcolm CasSeller who is the leader of the WAX which is OPSKins’ latest venture is also a serial entrepreneur who has made a lot of contributions to the traditional startup in technology, product, and marketing amongst other contributions. Under his leadership, the WorldWide Asset eXchange platforms have higher chances of gaining global popularity.

Paul Herdsman Leads Growth Of NICE Global

Paul herdsman is the Co-founder and Chief operating officer of NICE Global. This is a business solutions provider which with headquarters in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Herdsman currently live in Florida from where he is leading the business operation of the company. As a business solutions provider, the company offers services which are supposed to help business register good results. The main factors that determine success of failure of a business is its ability to make profits, retain customers and lower the cost of production. When these three goals are accomplished, then, this will be an example of a business that is running well.


Paul Herdsman has experience in the industry and understands what it takes to run a profitable business. In his experience in the industry he has seen why business succeed and others fail. He knows how ti differentiate between the causes of these two. One of the thing he insists on is the character of the business owner. Whether a business succeeds of fails highly depends on the ability of the owner to keep the right mindset and attitude towards the business. There are basic things that every business owner must have. They are hard work, dedication and skills. Without investing in these three, there will always be a problem.


Through NICE Global, Paul Herdsman offers vital service that will see business that are struggling gain momentum. NICE Global is offering customer and technical support to business. When you reach out to them for assistance, they are always ready to help. They have live customer care attendants unlike other business which will leave some talking machines. Real customer care attendants will respond to the client better than some automated machines. Go Here for related Information.


The success of NICE Global has not come easily. It has taken the hand of a dedicated management comprising of Paul Herdsman and others to get the company running successfully.


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