Rebel Wilson Was Born to Be Bold

Comedic Aussie star Rebel Wilson didn’t always have the bold and brazen personality she’s known for in movies such as Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. Over the years she transformed herself through intention and hard work into the powerhouse she is now. But if you learn a little about her journey, you may find all this talent came naturally after all.

Although Wilson has claimed in interviews that she was a shy and awkward kid when she was younger, she wasn’t so shy that she couldn’t gather the courage to overcome that shyness.

She decided,after reading somewhere that our personalities are set by age fifteen,that she was going to become the bold, funny and fiery person she wanted to be. At fourteen she entered a creative performance competition at the suggestion of her drama teacher. That small step changed everything and put her on the path to becoming the dynamic comic force she is today.

Rebel’s fittingly quirky name is a clue that her comedic chops and brave personality may be in the genes after all. Her parents were professional Beagle breeders, and her siblings share similarly unique names–Liberty, Ryot and Annachi, and share in her love for comedy.

As a piece on Wilson in The List noted, Rebel claimed in an interview with Marie Claire that her mom dropped her off at an acting class against her will in the hopes of bring her daughter out of her shell. Rebel protested but her mom just told her she’d pick her up in two hours. So, maybe that boldness does run in the family. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter

With a few pushes from her mom and other mentors, Rebel was on her way. By 17, after a fateful encounter in South Africa as a Youth Ambassador, Rebel was already dreaming big dreams(literally, she dreamt of winning an Oscar while fighting Malaria!)of becoming a famous actor. By twenty, she had her first role in the Australian movie Pizza. Ten years later, in 2010, she was living in Hollywood.

Despite the fact that she didn’t fit the typical Hollywood mold, Wilson managed to become a household name. Rebel saw her difference as a chance to fill a niche. Being a comedic actor in world where most Australian’s are known in the US for their dramatic roles made her stand out. She also saw that her atypical body type could be used to her advantage.

Rebel continues to be the strong and independent person she set out to become at fourteen. She doesn’t give in to Hollywood pressure to conform to certain beauty standards, or pressure to settle down and find a relationship. She finds freedom in being single and being that brave, larger than life lady that doesn’t let a little thing like shyness stand in her way.

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