Article Title: Papa John’s Exists Because of Its Customers: Steve Ritchie

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Background Information

Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s pizza company, wrote an apology letter to the company’s customers to save it from collapse due to mass boycotts of its products. The boycotts, and subsequently hasty declines in sales, was triggered by racist and derogatory statements made by one of the company’s members. The contents of the letter detailed an apology, remedies, and appreciation of the customers’ loyalty.

Apology to Customers

Steve Ritchie apologizes for the statements made. He insists that such statements are not a representation of the company’s views and beliefs and distances the company from such. Steve Ritchie adds that racism is frowned upon by members of the firm in all ranks.

He says that Papa John’s is not an individual; it is bigger than any of its members, the founders included. Therefore, if something negative happens, it affects all members including the local owners and operators who make huge contributions to the community.


Steve Ritchie states that actions are already underway to rectify the situation. He states that the company is procuring outside experts who will audit its culture and inclusionary practices to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses and set off better goals.

Steve Ritchie mentions that the senior management of the company will be visiting employees, franchisers and customers of Papa John’s to collect valuable information and insights about the company’s products and services. He hopes that the information will help in putting the company back on the right track.


In conclusion, Steve Ritchie promises that he will be personally involved in the actions of rectification of the problem. He also hopes that the company will recover its customers’ faith and trust. He concludes by appreciating the customers for their loyalty and promises better customer service.

Effectiveness of the Letter

The letter manages to convince customers that the company should not be crucified for the actions of one of its members and profusely apologizes for what the unfortunate events that transpired. It is indeed a good step in an effort to restore Papa John’s to glory.

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