Nina Vaca Knows That Women Are the Future of STEM

Nina Vaca is keen on STEM. That stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Furthermore, she is eager to see women embrace STEM and take the lead in this overarching sector as we move forward into the next generation. She says that STEM is at the heart of the economic future of the United States.

In her blog, Vaca writes about the United Nation’s recent designation of February 11 as International Day of Women and Girls in Science. She lauds the UN for its foresight in recognizing that women must play a key role in STEM to ensure their individual economic position in society.

Vaca is a case study in demonstrating the power of women. The daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants, she grew up in a family that knew they had to work twice as hard as others to pull themselves up to higher social and economic status.

When her father died tragically when Vaca was just 17, she stepped up with her sister to take over his business. When she was just 25, Vaca invested $300 to start her own staffing agency. That was 19 years ago. Today, that company, Pinnacle Group, is among the most successful agencies of its kind in the world with annual revenues north of $1 billion.

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