Agera Energy: A Leading Electricity and Natural Gas Provider in Massachusetts

Agera Energy is a popular electricity provider that looks to impact the energy sector of the United States. The company promotes green efforts and recently, it took part in the transitioning the Cambridge Community Electricity Program to Direct Energy. The new 100% Green Plus option replaced the 100% Green option. The Cambridge Community Electricity program supports the local renewable energy projects development. It also provides an alternative to Eversource’s Basic Service as well as to other electricity offers in the marketplace.

Agera Energy has been supplying Massachusetts residents with electricity as well as natural gas in Eversource (eastern mass), eversource (western mass), Unitil, National Grid and National Grid for natural gas. It is licensed to sell electricity as well as natural gas in Massachusetts State. The company endeavors to guide and educate people on energy issues. It noted that players in the market overpriced consumers and it get into the market to give energy consumers a better alternative.

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy guides customers through energy decision-making. It currently has over 1.8 million customers who enjoys its services. The number is growing bigger with time as more people continue to have faith and trust Agera to give them the best energy services. Customers don’t struggle with complex energy decisions. Rather, they are being offered simple financial decisions which are easier to make. The company supplies homes and businesses with natural gas to electricity to clean, cook, heat, work as well as play the day away. It serves smallest apartments, largest industrial users and everyone in between with customized products.

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