How Herbalife Nutrition Takes a Community Centered Approach

Research shows that a positive outlook on life can change everything. Although creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace is ideal, it is also true that creating a positive atmosphere is important for all areas of life. This great discovery happened not long ago in Coshocton, Ohio. Distributors of Herbalife Nutrition saw a need, and they took action to fill that need.


How did the town of Coshocton, Ohio come to understand how a positive attitude can impact the way the people work and live? Distributors from Herbalife Nutrition exchanged ideas about how they could impact the community. The goal was to not only encourage the people of Coshocton, Ohio to focus on positive vibes but to focus on what is good for the mind and body.


This tight-knit community needed a boost to focus on eating right and living a healthier lifestyle. Coshocton is noted as one of the smallest towns in Ohio, but the impact the distributors from Herbalife Nutrition was huge! Most of the townspeople have worked in factories their entire lives. This has led to many of them to a dormant lifestyle. Although the work days are long and hard, it leaves little thought for exercise or planning healthy meals.


Either fatigue plays a role, or time plays a role in this. After a long day, most folks want to rest. A poll was conducted regarding the days of those working in factories. The regular schedule for factory workers was on average, 60 hours or more per week. This small town in Northeastern Ohio is subject to poor eating habits due to the long days at work.


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Imagine, that after a long day at work and getting home too late to cook leaves you making a stop for pizza, hamburgers, and fries, or even Chinese takeout. The options for fast food are abundant, but they aren’t so healthy. With little time for meal prep and those who perhaps have no partner to help with meal prep, a healthy diet seems to be only a dream.


A distributor that hails from Coshocton, Rochelle Byers, has stated that this small town is in need of healthier options after work. Research that was conducted by Ohio State University, indicates that poor cardiovascular health is the top reason for hospital visits and possibly even death.


Rochelle and her husband are working together through a community group called “Healthy’s“, to help the town make positive, healthy lifestyle changes.


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