Neurocore Clinic helps the Trail Blazers remain in Optimum Mental Health

Perhaps you’ve heard of Neurocore? They are the series of clinics in Florida and Michigan that use EEG style readings to issue neuro-response training programs. We immediately think of average people trying to kick back habits. What about athletes, especially professional ones? Surely, they too, could benefit from some sort of biofeedback involving their brain activity? Of course, they can! What’s the most important feature of the brain that a professional athlete would be concerned over? Concentration would have to be the answer to this one. So how does Neurocore help the Trail Blazer’s improve concentration? Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Imagine this situation. A group of basketball players is sitting in a lab like room wearing headphones starring at some sort of media or television program. As long as each player continues to concentrate on what it is that they are watching…the program plays just fine. The moment a mind begins to wander away from the program, the playback is interrupted. If a player wants to continue watching the relaxing, positive narrative that he is being fed, he must concentrate on it. Neurocore tricked these ballplayers into becoming masters of mediation using simple biofeedback!

Granted, these sessions are only 30 minutes, but completing them many times helps the player to focus for much longer periods of time during play. The half-hour segments also help the players stay much more relaxed and calm while they are on the court. Neurocore has other technologies to assist with their deep sleep cycles and other such things. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

It might not seem like a lot on the surface, but this sort of mediation can improve a player’s level of in-game focus exponentially. The results, when applied to an entire team like the Trail Blazers, could mean the difference between a win or a loss! We’ve seen professional athletes turn to biofeedback before but the results are never as positive as those seen through the type of neurofeedback procedures that Neurocore utilizes for it’s patients.

The Trail Blazers are not the only professional athletes to seek the assistance of Neurocore. Many other types of athletes (and even other celebrities) have flocked to the eight clinics located throughout Florida and Michigan.


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