How Herbalife Nutrition Takes a Community Centered Approach

Research shows that a positive outlook on life can change everything. Although creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace is ideal, it is also true that creating a positive atmosphere is important for all areas of life. This great discovery happened not long ago in Coshocton, Ohio. Distributors of Herbalife Nutrition saw a need, and they took action to fill that need.


How did the town of Coshocton, Ohio come to understand how a positive attitude can impact the way the people work and live? Distributors from Herbalife Nutrition exchanged ideas about how they could impact the community. The goal was to not only encourage the people of Coshocton, Ohio to focus on positive vibes but to focus on what is good for the mind and body.


This tight-knit community needed a boost to focus on eating right and living a healthier lifestyle. Coshocton is noted as one of the smallest towns in Ohio, but the impact the distributors from Herbalife Nutrition was huge! Most of the townspeople have worked in factories their entire lives. This has led to many of them to a dormant lifestyle. Although the work days are long and hard, it leaves little thought for exercise or planning healthy meals.


Either fatigue plays a role, or time plays a role in this. After a long day, most folks want to rest. A poll was conducted regarding the days of those working in factories. The regular schedule for factory workers was on average, 60 hours or more per week. This small town in Northeastern Ohio is subject to poor eating habits due to the long days at work.


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Imagine, that after a long day at work and getting home too late to cook leaves you making a stop for pizza, hamburgers, and fries, or even Chinese takeout. The options for fast food are abundant, but they aren’t so healthy. With little time for meal prep and those who perhaps have no partner to help with meal prep, a healthy diet seems to be only a dream.


A distributor that hails from Coshocton, Rochelle Byers, has stated that this small town is in need of healthier options after work. Research that was conducted by Ohio State University, indicates that poor cardiovascular health is the top reason for hospital visits and possibly even death.


Rochelle and her husband are working together through a community group called “Healthy’s“, to help the town make positive, healthy lifestyle changes.


Learning Important Success Tips From Sheldon Lavin, CEO Of OSI Group

In the modern world, entrepreneurship seems to be the only way through which an individual can create true wealth. It is one of the reasons why governments and institutions from around the world are empowering young people to venture into entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, most of the enterprises run by young people collapse within a few years of establishment due to lack of experience and knowledge. To increase their odds of succeeding in entrepreneurship, the young entrepreneurs should pay attention to the more experienced entrepreneurs leaders. Sheldon Lavin is a highly experienced financial professional who has succeeded in leading and building business empires.

Sheldon’s area of expertise

Sheldon Lavin is a financial consultant who specializes in large-scale financial operations. His main focus is helping food industries to secure financing to meet their expansion objectives. Before securing financing for any company, Sheldon Lavin considers various variables such s resource shortages, consumer preferences, and technological changes.

There is power in the delegation of duties

According to Sheldon Lavin, most of the new entrepreneurs fail because they want to do everything by themselves. For Sheldon, he doesn’t have a magic ball that gives him answers to all the problems facing his company. Instead, he delegates duties to the highly experienced personnel in the organization. Sheldon then listens to these experts before making an informed choice about the company.

Sheldon Lavin’s leadership abilities

Sheldon’s leadership abilities were put to the test when he joined Otto & Son’s industries in the early 1970s. He successfully led the food processing and distribution company into a series of acquisitions that helped in positioning it as the leader in meat industry. Under his watch, OSI managed to expand to various countries such as Germany, Australia, Europe, and China.

He also successfully added several products to the company’s menu and currently, the company is the largest supplier of fresh produce and fish in most of its markets. Sheldon serves at OSI Group as the Chief Executive Officer. Over the years, Sheldon has won numerous awards for his business performance and leadership abilities. He has also been highly regarded for his philanthropic efforts where he donates his money, time and expertise to various charitable causes.

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Easing Away Puffy Eyes with Genucel

When it comes to the routine of skin care, a common worry is getting rid of the look in your eyes that make you seem tired. Things like puffy eyes or baggy lids can often send the wrong vibes to the wrong people. While many think that this is something that can be prevented at an early stage, the hard truth is that this is just something that’s apart of the aging process. As time goes on and we get older, our facial muscles just start to weaken which can lead to the loose skin thus giving people the puffy or tired eye look they desperately did not want.

That may be the downside but the upside is that it’s not really the end of the world. The solution is a tetrapeptide named Eyeseryl which has been proven to reduce puffiness around the eyes and the product Genucel contains just that ingredient. An article was written by Steven Smith on Alive Newspaper even details a whole procedure on gaining the full benefits of using Genucel.

Step 1: Genucel Plant Stem Cell TherapyThe first step in the Genucel process is applying the plant cell therapy. The plant therapy is meant to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin surrounding your eyes. The improvements will gradually show as time strolls along.

Step 2: Eyelid Treatment – The next step is using the Genucel eyelid treatment which is formulated to tighten and lift the upper eyelid area.

Step 3: Genucel XV Treatment – Using the XV treatment will have you seeing fewer wrinkles around your eyes. The combined peptides create a powerful anti-aging formula. The hyaluronic acid helps bring back a lot of moisture and the CoQ10 help in reversing the damage brought on by aging.

Step 4: Genucel Immediate Effects  – Using advanced Relaxoderm technology, Immediate Effects will reduce the wrinkles surrounding the eyes.

The results usually last for 15 to 24 hours, making them most useful for quick fixes.

Step 5: Cristalles Microdermabrasion – The final step is the Cristalles Microdermabrasion which uses magnesium oxide as the primary as the primary active ingredient and takes care a plethora of skin issues such as fine lines and age spots.

Matt Badiali: Short-Term Speculators Controlling Copper

Commodities have been in a bear market since 2011. Copper had been showing some signs of life but has done poorly for the year. Financial advisor Matt Badiali, who specializes in natural resources, feels that the demand for copper is much greater than the supply. Based on simple supply and demand fundamentals, copper prices should be going up if this is the case. Mr. Badiali feels that “fear” in the market is the reason that copper has been a poor investment choice. He urges copper bulls that the long-term fundamentals for the metal have remained strong and that if new copper supply does not come to the market soon, then copper will be thrust into a new bull market.

Matt Badiali spent much of his life traveling the world as a geologist. He was attending the University of North Carolina working on his Ph.D. when a friend of his convinced him to get his feet wet by stepping into the world of finance. Mr. Badiali has proven himself that he can pick valuable resource companies to invest in. He recently addressed his followers and informed them that the catalyst for lower copper prices was the trade war between the United States and China. Many of the speculators feel that if the trade war continues, the global economy will enter a recession. In a recession, copper demand plummets. This is the scenario that the speculators picture for copper. Matt Badiali points out that demand for copper today far exceeds the supply and that many copper corporations are anticipating future copper production deficits. As a geologist, he reminds individuals that it takes many years to get a copper mine in operation, meaning there will be several yearly deficits.

Matt Badiali is upset with the irrational behavior of the short-term speculators, but he feels they have created a major buying opportunity for investors with a long-term investing horizon. He feels that the electric car is going to be huge in the years to come. Electric cars require more than twice the amount of copper as traditional cars. Starting in 2019, China is going to require their automakers to have ten percent of their car sales be comprised of electric vehicles. He feels the future for copper remains bright.

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Neurocore Clinic helps the Trail Blazers remain in Optimum Mental Health

Perhaps you’ve heard of Neurocore? They are the series of clinics in Florida and Michigan that use EEG style readings to issue neuro-response training programs. We immediately think of average people trying to kick back habits. What about athletes, especially professional ones? Surely, they too, could benefit from some sort of biofeedback involving their brain activity? Of course, they can! What’s the most important feature of the brain that a professional athlete would be concerned over? Concentration would have to be the answer to this one. So how does Neurocore help the Trail Blazer’s improve concentration? Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Imagine this situation. A group of basketball players is sitting in a lab like room wearing headphones starring at some sort of media or television program. As long as each player continues to concentrate on what it is that they are watching…the program plays just fine. The moment a mind begins to wander away from the program, the playback is interrupted. If a player wants to continue watching the relaxing, positive narrative that he is being fed, he must concentrate on it. Neurocore tricked these ballplayers into becoming masters of mediation using simple biofeedback!

Granted, these sessions are only 30 minutes, but completing them many times helps the player to focus for much longer periods of time during play. The half-hour segments also help the players stay much more relaxed and calm while they are on the court. Neurocore has other technologies to assist with their deep sleep cycles and other such things. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

It might not seem like a lot on the surface, but this sort of mediation can improve a player’s level of in-game focus exponentially. The results, when applied to an entire team like the Trail Blazers, could mean the difference between a win or a loss! We’ve seen professional athletes turn to biofeedback before but the results are never as positive as those seen through the type of neurofeedback procedures that Neurocore utilizes for it’s patients.

The Trail Blazers are not the only professional athletes to seek the assistance of Neurocore. Many other types of athletes (and even other celebrities) have flocked to the eight clinics located throughout Florida and Michigan.


Wes Edens Succeeds In His Business Endeavors

If you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur today, there are many success stories that can help you to stay focused on achieving your goals. Succeeding in entrepreneurship is not easy today but those who remain focused and are dedicated to what they do, there are high chances of succeeding. Many entrepreneurs have worked hard to be where they are. You need experience for you to be at the top. Others can learn from Wes Edens who has worked hard since he completed school to accomplish a lot of things in the world of entrepreneurship. Since he decided to venture into business, he has always looked for ways to be innovative and expand.

His hard work and dedication has enabled him to be ranked among the list of most successful billionaires by Forbes. The entrepreneur who is based in New York has been working in financial sector for many years. He has used the many platforms to learn the tricks of starting a venture that can be successful. Starting Fortress Investment Group is one of the best decisions he has ever made. The company has today expanded to even offer services to other parts of the world. Working with other successful people like Peter Briger and Randal Nardone has enabled Wes Edens to learn a lot in the business world. When they met in 1998 and started Fortress Investment Group, they had a dream that one day the company would be great.

Having worked with other great organizations like Lehman Brothers, Wes Edens had learned a lot in the world of entrepreneurship. He was hopeful that the company would grow and they were focused and ready to work. Even when they faced challenges, they continued working hard and being focused. Today Fortress Investment Group is a great company and it has attracted customers from around the world. Wes Edens is happy to be serving in management team with other successful individuals. The successful and talented entrepreneur has been featured in various platforms like Forbes and the New York Times. His great accomplishments have made him famous and he is today respected around the world.

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OSI Industries Has Doubled Chicken Production in Spain by Installing a New Production Facility

As competition in the food sector grows to exponential levels, there is one company that is embracing innovative strategies and current policies to dominate the market. OSI Industries has established some of the most modern infrastructure projects in many areas around the world where the company operates. These massive structures are geared towards enhancing the production capacity of the company with the aim of dominating the food market.

Most of the companies have been trying to expand their facilities so that they can be able to outperform other organizations in the industry. The problem is that they do not have the necessary resources that would help them to establish modern and significant structures. However, OSI Industries have an excess supply of resources because of the ability to operate in multiple geographical conditions around the world. This explains why the organization has been able to dominate the industry for so long. Find out more at Glassdoor.

The manufacturing entity that OSI Industries have established in Spain cannot be matched with other manufacturing and processing entities around the world. This plant is geared towards giving the entity an advantage as compared to other organizations processing food in the same sector. Most of the companies around the world have not met the market target, which is a clear indication that there is an opportunity for growth to any company that has enormous production capacity.

OSI Industries is expecting to double its chicken production from twelve thousand tons to more than twenty thousand tons. No company is processing the said amount, which makes the company have a significant influence on the market. To achieve this production levels, the company has installed new production lines and a large number of employees.

The ability to remain at the top of the companies that are producing vast amounts of processed chicken has made OSI Industry be the company of choice to a large number of fast food companies in the European region. The food processing giant can deliver quality and vast amounts of food products as and when needed. The company will continue to expand and grow and can start operations in other parts of the European market.



Guilherme Paulus Makes Brazilian Travel Better

Guilherme Paulus started his first hotel in Brazil with the intention of giving people a great place to go when they were traveling. He wanted people to have a chance to stay in a luxury hotel in Brazil and that was something he was passionate about. He also had a lot of chances to come up with different ideas and the hotel was his first chance to truly make a difference for people in Brazil. It gave him a chance to show people he could do something different while also making sure he understood all the options available in travel industry.

Even though it didn’t happen right away, Paulus eventually saw a lot of money from the hotel. He realized he had done something great and knew what he wanted to do to make sure he could help others get to a better place with their hotel experiences. For Guilherme Paulus, the point of making the hotel was creating a difference. He didn’t do it because he wanted to make money. Even though he did make money from the hotel he started and others he did later on, he knew the purpose he had for success in the future gave him a better experience.

There were other opportunities that allowed Guilherme Paulus the chance to help people. He learned the hotel industry was a big part of other industries. He also learned the right way to handle requests from guests at the hotel. Since he knew so much about the right way to do things, he could push to make the hotels even better. It made more sense for him to keep giving people positive opportunities no matter what issues they had or what they were doing to make more money while at the hotels. His goals helped him see positive experiences in different areas of business.

After realizing he was great at what he did, Guilherme Paulus started working to make things easier for his clients. He also spent time learning about different travel opportunities. He made a point of creating new options for his guests. By creating a travel tour company, he gave them even more opportunities. It made sense for him to keep doing this since he already played a big role in the travel industry. The options he had also made things better for the way he did business while also helping people with these experiences.

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Jason Hope Sets Sights On The Internet Of Things

If you haven’t been living under much of a rock, then you’ve no doubt realized just how important the internet of Things has become in our day-to-day lives. It seems almost impossible to believe, but even just ten or fifteen years ago the world looked very different in relation to our technological reliance. Nowadays, everybody has a phone in their pockets that is capable of doing things that would have been unheard of a generation ago. Jason Hope is a devout futurist and a technological entrepreneur and despite our massive leaps in progress over the last couple of years, he doesn’t believe that we are even close to reaching our technological peak. For that to happen, Hope believes that the Internet Of Things must take over.

The Internet Of Things is a concept that has been growing in popularity in tech circles and publications all over the country. The Internet Of Things is a concept that encompasses our growing reliance on technology, the innovation that is smart technology, and how companies of the future will blend the two concepts together in order to make our lives networked in a fundamental way to the internet. Imagine the cartoon series ‘The Jetsons’ only in real life, where everyone has an automated house and home and everything that they do in life can be accommodated by the internet. This, Jason Hope, believes to be the future of the Internet Of Things.

Jason Hope has been one of the most staunch supporters of the Internet Of Things ever since the concept began to take off. As a futurist, Jason Hope understands that innovations can only happen if they are fostered by people and supported by an industry. So, Jason Hope is doing his best in order to spread the word and push major corporations toward backing more technology for the Internet Of Things. If Hope is correct in his assumptions about the Internet Of Things, then the Internet Of Things could end up becoming one of the most important and influential technological revolutions in the entire world. For now, Hope is touting the importance of the coming tech revolution.

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