Eye Bags Are a Thing of the Past: Here’s How Stem Cell Technology Can Get Rid of Them

Age gets us all, and sometimes it isn’t very kind. With age, our skin starts to show lines and additional marks that weren’t there when we were younger. It is natural for bags to appear under your eyes and a sort of puffiness to take place.


With aging, the tissue around your eyes starts to weaken, and the muscles do not support your eyelids with the same strength as it used to unless you start taking special care of your skin.


Even though this puffiness comes with age, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.


The normal fat that accumulates under the eyes and causes this puffy behavior can go away. Genucel, a novelty in the beauty industry, has proven that it is possible for these skin problems to be directly targeted with the effectiveness of stem cell technology.

Genucel introduced the “Genucel Eyelid Treatment” to the world, which lifts and firms your eyelids by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Genucel uses plant stem cells to reduce the puffiness of your eyes. These stem cells come from a natural peptide called “Eyeseryl.” It is extracted and then introduced to the solution, where, when applied to the skin, will interact with the local cells and stimulate them.


The differences are very apparent. Users who have taken the Genucel treatment have shown improved local muscular strength under the eyelids and have revamped their eye contact. Their countenance starts to show more confidence, youth, and interest.


Clients who have taken Genucel Eyelid Treatment have also improved their expressions drastically. Smiling for them showed more natural and young marks while those who were pressed around the eyelids were drastically minimalized. Genucel has proven that eye bags are a thing of the past, as stem cells can help your skin revamp itself.


Genucel’s PhytoCellTec is another product that has taken the interest of many women around the world because of its capability of promoting a youthful skin around the face by using the same stem cell technology used against eye bags.


As far as 95% of clients who used the Eyeseryl product ended up showing significantly reduced appearance of eye bags, markings, and lines around the eyes. The tissue around the area is tightened and strengthened, so it isn’t just an aesthetic change. The skin cells are stimulated, and clients have reported being able to notice a change in the consistency of their skin, showing less malleability and elasticity but more tightness, characteristics of younger adults.



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