Party Of The Century For Juan “OG” Perez

TheBroTalk is a relaxed but dedicated company that aims to give readers the most up to date and interesting content available. The Bro Talk branches into multiple different areas of interest and by doing this The Bro Talk draws in a large audience that keeps coming back to find the latest content on their website time and time again. Some of the content they post may be linked to news, hobbies, and entertainment to name a few. For example, one of the most recent articles posted on The Bro Talk looked at an extravagant birthday bash help for Juan “OG” Perez.

Juan “OG” Perez works as the president of Roc Nation and is very close with JAY Z. Their relationship started when they met at Roc Nation in 1996 and has continued to this day. This close-knit friendship has led to a 50th birthday party that should hold a place in the record books. Invited to the party was some of Juan “OG” Perez’s friends and while they may not have stayed together the whole night the group did meet up late into the party for drinks, dinner, and other festivities. The record-breaking aspect of this 50th birthday party was the bill, totaling around $113,000 for the night.

This party left nothing to be desired. The meal alone was something to be remembered. The group dined on fresh lobster, sushi, and steak. This was followed by forty bottles of Champagne totaled $91,000. It was reported that while forty bottles of Champagne were ordered by the group of six, not all of these bottles were kept, some of these bottles were distributed to other tables to spread the festivities. JAY Z threw Juan “OG” Perez a party that won’t be forgotten any time soon and made sure in the process to spread the joy with others at the club and even the waiters with a gratuity totaling $11,000 by the end of the night.

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