A Brief Bio Of Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm that is based out of Connecticut that was founded over 20 years ago in 1996. The company provides investment banking to its various clients as well as securities brokerage services. Steven Hicks currently serves as the CEO of the company. He started out working at a small hedge fund in New York and that’s where he got the inspiration for Southridge. At one point, his boss informed him that he’d be retiring in Australia and this freed him up to begin working on the inception of his newest company which would eventually become known as Southridge Capital. With over thirty years of investment experience under his belt, he has become well-versed in all types of financial situations.

Recently, he sat down with Idea Mensch to discusses what an average day looks like for Steven Hicks and to talk about how he managed to become the CEO and founder of his own company. He said that he begins his day by reviewing the portfolio and crafting his itinerary for the day. He then divides the rest of his time between searching for various investment opportunities and helping to ensure the current investments they have are doing well. He uses his experience to bring his ideas to life and help them decide which of their clients require financing. As the CEO of Southridge Capital for over 20 years now, he is always looking for various finance opportunities. For more info you can checkout ideamensch.com

He went on to mention that he is intrigued by the prospects of cryptocurrency and marijuana. He also discussed how his daily to-do list helps him to focus on his work and be more productive. If he could go back in time and give advice to his younger self, he would tell himself to focus more on the cash as opposed to the return. When discussing one of his failures, he talked about the time Southride invested too much money in a company named Petals but eventually they managed to worm their way out of this predicament. So we wish him the best of luck and success. You can visit their facebook page for more details.


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