An Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen

Born in Curitiba, Brazil in1947, Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker. He attended the Federal University of Parana where he did a course in engineering. There was no other university offering engineering course in Parana as well as in Santa Catarina during this time. The shortage of engineering colleges made the competition to be so high when it came to gaining admission to the college. After two years in the university, Igor decided to change his course to economics from the same university. Igor graduated in 1970 and immediately joined an investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen later moved to Rio to pursue his career. While in Rio, Igor was able to gain a good reputation due to his hard work. He rose from one rank to another through promotions while working as an investment banker. While working for Multibanco, Igor was promoted to become one of the board members of the bank in 1974. Later after two years, Igor received another promotion to become the CEO of the bank. The experiences he gained made Cornelsen be one of the best investment bankers around.

As an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen confirms that it is not a more straightforward exercise when it comes to investment. He argues that there are some rules that one has to follow to succeed in finance. According to Igor, it is essential to get an adviser. When you are starting off, it will be better to have an adviser to help you move your first foot forward. After gaining a solid foundation on how to invest and where then you can invest on your own. In addition to this, Igor claims that an investor must be able to diversify their portfolios. Diversifying portfolios will help one to minimize risks. A diversified investment portfolio can increase an individual’s ability to obtain more revenue from several sources.

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