Martin Lustgarten Teaches Wise Investment Banking Protocol

Building capital is the universal mantra of business; economic growth depends on solid financial stability. Investment banking is the root element and driving force that provides the necessary capital for companies and other institutions. This type of banking takes on liability from a policy fashioned by an insurance company, in such a way that the investment is protected, an underwriter. It is a specific banking service designed for business, not exactly individuals; it is completely different than a saving or checking account. The complexities of investment banking can be significant, in that one truly needs an expert in the field. Knowledge of mergers, brokers, traders, and acquisitions are critical to the success of any investment banking venture. The investment banker acts for the company or entity in the process of obtaining securities. Moreover, an investment banker may be employed for advice only, since this type of banker is deeply involved in the arena of investments, they can make common sense predictions on success or failures. Essentially, a talented and creditable investment banker is the fundamental component of investing wisely.


Martin Lustgarten is a skilled and experienced investment banker worldwide, and also a personal success story. He is based in Florida; but he is active in a number of other countries, he is an international star.


From unassuming beginning, he was born in Florida in 1959; the landscape of Florida back then was humble, and not as trendy as it is today. No Wall Street influences there, so Martin Lustgarten’s talent was hard won by personal sacrifice, hard work, and dedication. All-in-all making him a better man, and a trusted investment banker, later he spent time in Austria and Venezuela. He has persevered to become one of the most remarkable investment banker’s globally! However, he will surprise you; because, he is a great humanitarian and shares his wealth with more than a few charities. He prides himself as a caring loving individual that believes in giving back to the community, so not only does he contribute to charities, he educates and teaches people wise banking protocol.

IAP Worldwide Services’ Success and Their Efforts to Improve the US

IAP Worldwide leads in offering facilities management, technical services, and global scale logistics. The company has over 2000 employees distributed in 25 countries around the world. The company is known for its ability to solve both the private and the public most hard challenges.

For the past 60 years, IAP Worldwide Services has made a repute for themselves through active and reliable market leaders to the customer’s expectations. The company is dedicated to solving all the customers’ problems and especially the most challenging ones. IAP secret of success is based on their exceptional ability to own the client’s missions, channeling their conviction, experiences, and passion for innovative solutions and hence the outstanding results.

The company has a history of building the future from its beginning. The IAP has well-qualified staffs to serve their customers and everybody else who plays a part in their story to purpose and ingenuity on On partnering with the IAP Worldwide, the company takes your ultimate goals as their own and ensure that it has delivered your results.

It combines the proven technologies with agility and experience and assists both the defense agencies and the civilians in performing the dynamic environment that uplifts the commitments of the US and her friends.

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IAP selected to support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System contract valued at $53 million

U.S. Navy selects IAP to support contract valued at up to $900 million

In their recent post on Facebook, the company explained how they practice Rigor and Intellectual Curiosity in their activities being their first value that sets their approach of accomplishing the nation’s toughest challenges.

IAP Worldwide Services have appeared on publications for their expert solutions to the country’s problems. For example, recently, the company played a critical role in the Afghanistan’s air traffic control system’s development by supporting the Enduring Freedom. According to the CEO of the IAP, Mr. Al Neffgen the company keeps track records of the mission’s success to meet the contingency and the emergency needs of the US Military. Their employees are very flexible and capable of handling any challenges. However, hostile the circumstances are. The IAP’s talented team proudly worked with the Airforce in the realization of its mission of revitalizing the aviation infrastructure of the Afghanistan.

The excellent works IAP Worldwide Services and their desire to do good have earned the company tremendous achievements. On 5th November 2015, the company announced that it had acquired two DRS Technology’s business units. The acquisition significantly improves the IAP capabilities delivered to its customers globally and in multiplying the IAP’s addressable market.

Malini Saba, improving lives of women and children

In the year 2001, Malini Saba assisted in the funding of Stree, a Global women investment plan. The organization turned out to change the way low-income women and children see themselves and consider their roles in the society. According to the leading politicians and former US President Clinton, Stree organizations has been a means where women can access healthcare, develop their business and empower them legally. The group has played a huge role to connect their policy to countries in Central America, India, and Eastern Europe.


In a recent interview, Malini Saba talked of the organization, herself and why she started the entire group. She admits that at first, it was a philanthropy effort to support children in the world. As time went by, it became one of the leading organizations in the world that provided educational opportunities, healthcare, and safety for children. Through the organization, children living in orphanages across Sri Lanka have led better lives. The philanthropic work has also seen an increased human rights advocacy in countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and India.


Apart from being philanthropic, Malini Saba is a top world investor in the South Asian region. She is also the founder of Saban, a firm which has an array of investment interests across the globe. The company competes with technology companies in the US, oil and gas and deals with real estate in India. Malini has always been passionate about being a philanthropist. Her passion saw her start the Stree Global Women investment program in 2001.


Through Stree, Malini has made multiple contributions that have advanced the needs of the society. Before the donation, Saba had toured Tsunami victims in areas such as Sri Lanka and India. She donated close to 10$million to help the victims. Malini started her investment like a joke. She began as a capitalist during the 1990s where she had much experience in close to 20 companies dealing with technology. Most of these enterprises have turned out to be leading technology firms.


Malini has always been on the watch for ways she can be of assistance to her community. She is always on the look out for interests of other people and not herself.