TOWN Residential Expanding Into New Markets

The New York City residential market is one that is all about change. Change is everywhere in the city. Any given real estate company needs to be all about change as well. Here is where those at TOWN Real Estate can offer help that people need to make sense of the market. In an effort to better help their clients, they have been expanding into new areas of the market and opening up new offices in the region. Those who know the area and love it are not surprised to learn that the new office they have planned is opening up in the Meatpacking District as this one of the area’s hottest markets at the present time. Opening up a new office here is one way they can continue to help their clients discover which particular area might be right for them. The new office is yet another example of how they have their pulse on the beat of the market right here.


A Large New Space


The New space is over seven thousand square feet, allowing them to met with clients in a space that is private and shows off the potential of this entire district. Here, people can see exactly how much promise the entire meatpacking district holds for those who want to buy a property in New York City. Another important advantage to the new space is that it has an outdoor terrace. The outdoor space allows brokers to meet with clients and see the entire area skyline. Many brokers have offices but those at TOWN Residential know the new space is quite special as it has the kind of outdoor space that lets them show off how much fun and apartment with a terrace can be in this part of the country.


Showing Off The Entire Area


The new space is also about showing off just delightful it can be when living here. This marks their tenth office space, allowing them to offer clients services all over the city. Those who are looking for an apartment right here in New York City can visit any one of their offices and discover what kind of property might be right for them and their specific wants.


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