The Law Firm of Cone Marshall

Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are the principals of the New Zealand law firm known as Cone Marshall, the firm is an international trusts and tax law firm. Cone Marshall was established in 1999 and is located in Auckland, on the third floor of the Parnell House. In 2005, Prior to joining the law firm, Karen Marshall had lived in London for 10 years where she worked for a law firm in the Commercial Litigation department. Since 2005, she has worked for Cone Marshall and became a principle in 2006. She is now an advisor for statutory trustee companies and has a wide experience of helping to manage trusts in general. Geoffrey Cone has been providing international tax and trust planning since 1980, and has had experience with trust management and trustee services. Cone Marshall has done limited work with international families and advisors by providing assistance with establishing New Zealand partnerships, companies, trusts and providing global tax and wealth planning advice. In a May 2016 article that serves as the Law Firm & Experts Directory, Cone was described as the Quintessential Tax Lawyer. Cone Marshall currently, and always has adhered to the highest principles of trust and tax transparency and has assured their clients have been afforded the most trusted advice of the international trust and tax law.

Cone Marshall has not sought out private clients, but rather provide services for family’s, private banks, attorneys, advisors and other institutions that are situated in areas outside of New Zealand that helps in assisting them with plans involving their own clients. An example of this is that Cone Marshall could help in establishing New Zealand structures, and would provide full local trust, tax, structuring, and succession advice. All enquirers are protected and kept confidential by the legal professional privilege. At Cone Marshall they work in establishing companies, trusts and partners in New Zealand and help in providing global health plans. Cone Marshall has two office locations, in New Zealand and Switzerland, In New Zealand they are located on level 3 of 18 Stanley Street of Auckland Central, Auckland 1010 of New Zealand, in Switzerland they are located at 25 Grand Rue, Geneva 1204 of Switzerland.

TOWN Residential Expanding Into New Markets

The New York City residential market is one that is all about change. Change is everywhere in the city. Any given real estate company needs to be all about change as well. Here is where those at TOWN Real Estate can offer help that people need to make sense of the market. In an effort to better help their clients, they have been expanding into new areas of the market and opening up new offices in the region. Those who know the area and love it are not surprised to learn that the new office they have planned is opening up in the Meatpacking District as this one of the area’s hottest markets at the present time. Opening up a new office here is one way they can continue to help their clients discover which particular area might be right for them. The new office is yet another example of how they have their pulse on the beat of the market right here.


A Large New Space


The New space is over seven thousand square feet, allowing them to met with clients in a space that is private and shows off the potential of this entire district. Here, people can see exactly how much promise the entire meatpacking district holds for those who want to buy a property in New York City. Another important advantage to the new space is that it has an outdoor terrace. The outdoor space allows brokers to meet with clients and see the entire area skyline. Many brokers have offices but those at TOWN Residential know the new space is quite special as it has the kind of outdoor space that lets them show off how much fun and apartment with a terrace can be in this part of the country.


Showing Off The Entire Area


The new space is also about showing off just delightful it can be when living here. This marks their tenth office space, allowing them to offer clients services all over the city. Those who are looking for an apartment right here in New York City can visit any one of their offices and discover what kind of property might be right for them and their specific wants.


Assisted Living Centers Can Help The Elderly To Maintain Independence


Assisted living centers offer a mix of independence and professionally supervised living circumstances to senior citizens. Many assisted living centers have a variety of accommodations. Medical professionals are usually available on the premises, and this ensures that residents have quick access to medical attention when they need it. There are assisted living centers distributed throughout the country. Assisted living centers are also available at a full range of price ranges.


The accommodations at assisted living centers are often much more comfortable than a traditional nursing home. In most cases, residents of assisted living centers live in quarters that are similar to an apartment. There are often basic kitchen appliances available in the quarters. In some cases, it is even possible for assisted living center residents to be able to purchase their own full sized homes on the premises.



Why You Should Choose The Manse On Marsh:


The Manse On Marsh is an excellent assisted living center in California. It is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in the city of San Luis Obispo. There is a lot to do in this region of California, and there are activities available on the premises of The Manse On Marsh.


You can choose from a range of living circumstances at The Manse On Marsh. One option is their independent living apartments. Residents living in these apartments have someone stop in to check on them five times throughout the day. There also are three bedroom homes available on site. There also is a nursing home like facility available.   Make sure to also get involved on their social media, where you can learn more about the Manse.  Including their pages on Facebook, as well as Twitter.